Vinca minor.


Corrosive itching on the hairy scalp.

Badly-smelling eruptions on the head, in the face and behind the ears.

The hairs are entangled, as in plica polonica.

Humid eruptions on the head, with much vermin, and nightly itching, with burning after scratching.


[5] The tip of the nose becomes red on getting the least angry.


Bloated face, with pimples.

Dry lips.

Swelling of the upper lip and the corner of the mouth.

Mouth and throat.

Aphthae in the mouth.

[10] Ulcers in the throat.

Sexual Organs.

Women. Excessive, profuse menses, flowing like a stream, with great debility.


Pulse full and hard.

Sensation of tremor in every blood-vessel.