Valeriana officinalis.

Mind and Disposition.

Hypochondriacal restlessness.

Very changeable disposition ; hypochondriacal anxiety, or trembling excitability.

Fear, especially in the evening in the dark.

Hysteria, with nervous over-excitability of the nerves, and very changeable disposition and ideas.


[5] Headaches appearing suddenly or only in jerks.

Pressing in the head, as from a stupefying constriction in the forehead, drawing into the orbits, with paleness of the face ; worse in the evening, when at rest, and in the open air ; better from movement, in the room, and when changing the position.

Sensation of coldness in the upper part of the head when covering it with the hat.

One-sided, drawing headache, from draught of air.

Headache in the sunshine.

[10] Stinging or pressing in the forehead, extending to the orbits.


Inflammation of the edges of the eyelids, with biting and stinging.

In the evening, in the dark, luminous appearance before the eyes, as if one could see the objects.


Redness and heat of the cheeks, especially in the open air.

White blisters on the cheeks and the upper lip, painful to the touch.

[15] Stinging pain in the teeth.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Taste in the mouth (and smell before the nose) like putrid tallow.

Voracious hunger with nausea.

Eructations as from putrid eggs (in the morning on waking).

Nausea, as if a string were hanging down the stomach, with profuse ptyalism.

[20] Nausea, with white lips, vertigo and coldness of the body.

Abdomen swollen and hard.

Spasms in the abdomen (hysterical), most frequently in the evening in bed, or alter dinner ; not relieved in any position.

Colic ; from haemorrhoids ; from worms.

Stool and Anus.

Stools papescent, greenish, with blood.

[25] Discharge of blood from the rectum.

Discharge of ascarides.

Urinary Organs.

Urinary discharge frequent and profuse.

Respiratory Organs.

Frequent jerks and stitches in the chest, with the sensation as if something were pressed out.

Stitches in the left side of the chest (region of the heart).


[30] Pain in the loins, as if from cold, or from overlifting.

Rheumatic pain in the shoulder-blades.


Rheumatic pains in the limbs (rarely in the joints) ; worse during rest after previous exertions ; better from movements.

Twitching, suddenly appearing pains, relieved by a change of position.

Over-sensitiveness of all the senses.

[35] Hysterical complaints.


Sleeplessness, with great restlessness and towing about.


Pulse irregular ; generally rapid and somewhat tense, sometimes small and weak.

Attacks of chilliness, lasting but a short time and followed by continuous heat.

The chilliness generally begins in the neck, and runs down the back.

[40] Predominating, long-continued, and general heat, frequently with perspiration in the face.

Heat with thirst predominates.

Heat worse in the evening and when eating.

Profuse perspiration, especially at night, and from exertion, with violent heat.

Frequent sudden attacks of perspiration, especially on the face and on the forehead, which again disappear suddenly.


[45] Periodical attacks every two or three months.

Aggravation at noon and during the first hours of the forenoon, or towards evening, till midnight ; when bending down ; while, reposing ; while standing ; in the sun.

Amelioration ; in the light ; from moving ; when walking.

Bad effects from the abuse of Mercury.

Especially suitable for women.