Theridion curassavicum.

Mind and Disposition.

Talkative, inclined to mental exertions ; hilarity.

Disinclination to occupy oneself in any manner.

The time passes too quick.


Vertigo with nausea, worse on stooping ; from the least movement ; on closing the eyes ; from any noise ; with cold perspiration.

[5] The head feels thick, with nausea and vomiting from the least movement, and especially on closing the eyes.

Headache as if it were behind the eyes.

Sensation of heat in the head ; it feels heavy.

Headache when he begins to move.

Heavy, dull pressure behind the eyes.

[10] Violent pain deep in the brain, which compels him to sit or walk ; cannot lie down.

The headache is aggravated if others walk over the floor, and from the least movement of the head.



Luminous vibrations before the eyes, (in hysterical persons).

Sensitiveness to the light ; if looking into the light, dark vibrations ; and double vision.


[15] Roaring in the ears, as from a waterfall.

Every sound or shrill noise penetrates through the whole body especially into the teeth, causes vertigo, which produces nausea.

Itching behind the ears, wants to scratch them of.


Much sneezing, with blowing of the nose.

Mouth and Throat.

Foam at the mouth during the chill.

[20] Toothache from shrill noise ; cold water causes a sensation as if cold penetrated the teeth.

Mouth and nose feel too dry.

Salty taste in the mouth, and hawking of salty mucus.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Desire for wine brandy and tobacco.

Longing for a variety of things, but does not know for what.

[25] Much thirst.

Nausea and vomiting when the eyes are closed.

Burning in the region of the liver ; contact increases the pain.

Pain in the groins, when moving, when drawing the leg up.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation, the soft stool is expelled with difficulty.

[30] Prolapsus ani, especially painful when he sits down.

Spasmodic constriction of the rectum.

Heaviness in the peritoneum.

Sexual Organs.

Women. Hysterical complaints in the years of puberty, and in the climacteric period, and thus also violent headache.

Respiratory Organs.

Violent stitches in the upper part of the chest, below the left shoulder-blade, extending through to the neck.

[35] Anxious feeling on the heart.


Sleepiness even in the morning ; all day ; before the chill.

During sleep biting in the tip of the tongue.

Wakens during the night with vertigo, in the morning with stiffness of the jaws.


Pulse slow (with vertigo).

[40] Pain in all the bones, as if they would fall to pieces, or as if they were broken from head to foot ; then violent chill without thirst.

Icy-cold perspiration over the whole body, with faintish vertigo.


The least noise or shrill sounds cause an aggravation.

Motion aggravates the vertigo and nausea.