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Mind and Disposition.

Talkativeness and fond of conversing.

Mental labor fatigues him much.

Great forgetfulness when awake, with distinct recollection during half sleep.


Vertigo, when rising from a seat, on raising himself in bed, on moving about.

[5] Paroxysms of vertigo, most violent an hour after breakfast and dinner.

Headache from lemonade, tea and wine.

Violent stinging pain over the left eye, caused by walking in the sun and from strong smells ; with increased secretion of urine, and melancholy.

Headache every afternoon.

The hair falls off when combing the head, even of the eyebrows, whiskers and on the genitals, with tingling-itching on the scalp in the evening, oozing after scratching, and with tension and sensation of contraction of the scalp (with emaciation of the face and hands).


[10] Itching vesicles on the edges of the eyelids and on the eye-brows.

Spasmodic twitching of the left eyeball.


Increased secretion of wax, which is hardened in the ear in which he is deaf.


Itching in the nose and on the borders of the wings.

Inclination to bore with fingers in the nose.

[15] Yellow, thick, jelly-like mucus in the nose.


Greasy, shining skin of the face.

Twitching of the muscles of the face.

Great emaciation of the face.

Mouth and Throat.

Toothache, with inclination to pick till they bleed.

[20] Teeth covered with mucus.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Want of appetite in the morning, with white-coated tongue.

Aversion to food much salted.

Great longing for spirituous liquors (brandy).

After eating, pulsations through the body, especially in the abdomen.

[25] Pain in the liver, especially in taking a long breath, with sensitiveness to external pressure.

Red, itching rash in the region of the liver.

Stitches in the spleen when walking.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; hard feces, with discharge of mucus or blood on when passing the last portion of it ; stool so hard and impact that it has to be removed by mechanical aid.

Papescent stools, with tenesmus.

Urinary Organs.

[30] Dark, scanty urine.

Red urine in the evening.

Red, sandy, coarse-grained sediment.

Involuntary dripping of urine when walking.

Dripping of urine after micturition and after stool.

Sexual Organs.

[35] Slow and insufficient erections, with too rapid emission of semen and long continued voluptuous thrill.

Discharge of prostatic fluid during sleep and stool.

Impotence, with lasciviousness.

Gonorrhoea (secondary).

Respiratory Organs.

Hoarseness, when beginning to sing, or from singing ; talking long or reading ; hoarse and husky.

[40] Frequent deep breathing, with moaning.

Hawking up of mucus in globules, with blood.

Cough in the morning, straining the chest, with expectoration of mucus and blood.

Back and Neck.

Pain as from lameness in the small of the back, in the morning.

Stiffness of the neck on turning the head.


[45] Upper. Tearing in the hands at night, with cracking in the wrists.

Itching vesicles on and between the fingers.

Emaciation of the hands.

Lower. Cracking of the knee-joint on bending it (at night).

Flat ulcers on the lower legs.

[50] Emaciation of the legs.

Itching of the feet around the ankle, and especially in the evening.

Cramps in the calves, and soles of the feet.


Great emaciation, especially in the face and on the thighs and hands.

Great aversion to a draught of air.


[55] Light sleep at night, the least noise wakens him.

Goes to sleep late in the evening.

Awakens early and always at the same hour.

Dreams of quarrels and unnatural cruelties.


Pulse very little accelerated.

[60] Chilliness, alternating with heat.

External heat, with burning in the skin, and only in single spots.

Very profuse perspiration, especially on the chest, arm-pits and genitals.

Perspiration from the least exertion.

Perspiration as soon as he sleeps, day or night.

[65] The sweat makes yellow or white, stiff blotches in the linen.


Red rash (region of the liver).

Frequent tingling on small spots of the skin, with great irritation to scratch.

The spots which one scratches remain humid very long.


China causes violent complaints, and much aggravates those already present.

[70] Cannot endure any draft of air.

Aggravation after sleep, especially on hot days, from lemonade, wine and tea ; from very salt food ; in the suit, from draft of air.