Sabadilla (Veratrum sabadilla).

Mind and Disposition.

Anxious restlessness.

Startled from the noise.

Imagines himself sick or having imaginary diseases.


Vertigo with fainting, everything becomes black before the eyes (when rising from a seat).

[5] Stupefying headache with coryza, itching and burning of the scalp and general heat of the whole body ; worse in the forenoon.

The headache begins in the right side, and from there it extends.

Burning and tingling-itching on the scalp, as from lice.


The eyes are filled with water from pain and other causes ; when looking in the light, from cough, yawning, etc.


Tickling in the ears.


[10] Itching-tingling in the nose.

Bright-red blood comes from the posterior nares, and is expectorated.

The smell is very sensitive to garlic.


Burning heat and redness of the face (after drinking wine).

Cracking of the articulation of the jaw on opening the mouth wide.

Mouth and Throat.

[15] Bluish gums.

Burning dryness in the mouth, without thirst.

Tongue thick, yellow-coated ; soreness of the tip of the tongue.

Sensation of a lump in the throat with inclination to swallow.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Violent desire for sweet things, honey or pastry.

[20] Aversion to coffee, wine, meat and acids.

Thirstlessness or thirst only in the evening for cold water.

Nausea before eating ; better afterwards.

Vomiting of lumbrici.

Burning or coldness in the stomach or abdomen.

[25] Cutting in the abdomen as from knives.

Colicky pains from worms.

Stool and Anus.

Fluid, thin stool mixed with mucus and blood floating on the water.

Discharges of worms (lumbrici, tape-worm).

Violent itching and tingling in the rectum.


[30] Thick, turbid, hot urine.

Respiratory Organs.

Hot breath ; wheezing breathing.

Cough as soon as one lies down.

Cough dry, with perspiration and water in the eyes ; with stitches in the vertex, vomiting and pain in the stomach.

Burning and stitches in the chest.

[35] Pain in the right shoulder, extending to the chest, with the sensation as if a tape prevented the circulation of the blood.

Red spots on the chest.


Upper. Convulsive motion of the arms.

Red spots, points and stripes on the arms and hands.

Lower. Swelling of the feet, with tenderness or profuse perspiration of the soles of the feet.


[40] Great debility with relaxation or heaviness of the body.

Inflammation of internal organs.

Ailments dependent on worms.


Unrefreshing, restless sleep.

In the morning he starts up from his sleep as from a fright.


[45] Pulse small, but spasmodic.

Sensation as if the circulation were suspended.

Chilliness in the evening always at the same hour, frequently not followed by heat ; the chills run up the body.

Chilliness, especially in the extremities, with heat of the face.

Heat, principally in the head and in the face, often interrupted by chilliness, always returning at the same hour.

[50] Perspiration, frequently already during the heat ; in the morning hours with perspiration.

Hot, perspiration in the face with coldness of the rest of the body.

Intermittent fever which returns at the same hour ; chill, then thirst, then heat with headache.

Thirst only between the cold and hot stage.

Fevers where the gastric symptoms prevail, with dry, convulsive cough in the cold stage (Quartan ague).


[55] Pain in the bones and joints especially, as if somebody were scraping and cutting inside with a knife.

Parchment-like dryness of the skin.

Red blotches and stripes more permanent in the cold.


Many complaints go from the right to the left (sore throat).

Sensitiveness to the cold, which aggravates the pains.

[60] Reappearance, or aggravation of the pains in the forenoon and in the hours before midnight and during rest.

The complaints (fever) always at the same hour.

Many complaints appear, especially during the new and full moon.

Sensitiveness to the cold which also aggravates the complaints.