Rhododendron chrysanthemum.

Mind and Disposition.

Great indifference, with aversion to all occupation or labor.


Sensation of stupefaction and drowsiness in the head on rising in the morning.

Pain in the forehead and temples when lying in bed in the morning ; worse from drinking wine and in wet, cold weather ; better after rising and moving about.

The seal feels sore and as if bruised.

[5] Violent drawing and tearing in the bones and the periosteum of the cranial bones ; worse when at rest, in the morning, during a thunder-storm and during wet, cold, stormy weather ; better from wrapping the head up warmly, from dry heat and from exercise.

Biting-itching on the scalp, especially in the evening.


Periodically returning dry burning in the eyes, especially in the bright daylight, and from looking intensely on object.

Spasmodic contraction of the eyelids.

Dimness of vision when reading and writing.


[10] Otalgia (right ear) ; violent twitching pain.

Sensation in the ear, as from a worm.

Buzzing in the ear, aggravated when swallowing.


Diminished sense of smell.

Bleeding of the nose.


[15] Chilliness over the face.

Dry, burning lips.

Vesicles on the inner side of the under lip, with soreness when eating.

Mouth and Throat.

Smarting vesicles under the tongue.

Increased accumulation of saliva in the mouth, with dryness of the throat.

[20] Constriction and burning in the throat.

The food has no taste.

Easily satisfied with a small quantity of food ; he feels very uncomfortable afterwards.

Nausea, pressure at the stomach and waterbrash, relieved by belching.

Pressure in the stomach at night.

[25] Heaviness in the stomach after drinking water.

Constriction and pressure at the pit of the stomach, with dyspnoea.

Pain as from tension under the short ribs.

Stitches in the spleen from walking fast.

Tension in the region of the spleen when stooping.

[30] Distention in the upper part of the abdomen, with dyspnoea, evening and morning.

Painful incarceration of flatulence in the hypochondria and in the small of the back.

Much rumbling in the abdomen, with eructations and discharge of fetid flatus.

Stool and Anus.

Soft, papescent stools, difficult to evacuate with previous violent pressing.

Diarrhoea after eating fruit, or from wet, cold weather.

[35] Pulsation in the anus.

Drawing extending from the rectum to the genitals.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent urging to urinate, with drawing in the region of the bladder.

Increased secretion of very offensive urine.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Sensation of soreness between the genitals and thighs.

[40] The testicles are drawn up and are swollen.

Sensation of soreness in the testicles extending to the abdomen and the thighs.

Scrotum wrinkled, or itching, or sweating.

Induration and swelling of the left testicle.


[45] Swelling of the testicles after gonorrhoea.

Aversion to an embrace.

Women. Menstruation too profuse and too early.

Suppressed menstruation.

Respiratory Organs.

Dyspnoea from constriction of the chest.

[50] Dry, exhausting cough in the morning and evening, with oppression of the chest and roughness in the throat.

Back and Neck.

Rheumatic pains in the back and shoulders.

Stiffness of the neck and rheumatic pains in the muscles of the neck.


Upper. Tearing in the forearms, as if it were in the periosteum, during wet, cold weather.

Sensation as if the blood ceased to circulate in the arms.

[55] Increased warmth in the hands.

Sensation as if the wrists were sprained.

Lower. Sensation of soreness in the thighs near the genitals.

Sensation of coldness, the skin wrinkles on the lower legs.

Dropsical swelling of the lower legs and feet.

[60] Rheumatic pains in the lower extremities and feet, as if it were in the periosteum, worse when at rest and during wet cold weather.

Unusual coldness of the feet.


Rheumatic and arthritic pains (drawing and tearing) in the limbs, mostly on the periosteum, caused by stormy weather, and worse when at rest ; mostly in the forearms and lower legs.

Sensation of formication in the limbs.

Sensation in the joints as if sprained, with swelling and redness, with arthritis nodosities.

[65] Dropsical swellings.


Great sleepiness during the day, with burning in the eyes.

Deep, heavy sleep before midnight with sleepiness early in the evening, but sleeplessness after midnight ; the morning sleep is disturbed by restlessness in the body and by pain.


Pulse slow and weak.

Chilliness in the morning, in bed, and during the day, if cold air blows on him.

[70] Chilliness and heat alternating.

Ice-cold feet in the evening after lying down, continuing long.

Heat in the evening, with cold feet.

Sensation of heat, especially in the hands, although they feel cold to the touch.

Feverish heat in the evening, with burning in the face.

[75] Profuse debilitating perspiration, especially when exercising in the open air.

Offensive smelling perspiration in the axilla.

The perspiration smells of spice.

While perspiring the skin itches and tingles, like formication.

Skin and Bones.

Drawing in the periosteum.

[80] Dropsical swellings.


Most complaints appear in the morning.

Aggravation of the pains during rest, during a thunder storm.

The pains are caused and aggravated by wet, cold air.