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Mind and Disposition.

Restlessness, with inclination to weep.

The child demands various things with vehemence and weeping.

Indolent and taciturn.


Heaviness in the head, with heat rising to it.

[5] Dull, stupefying headache, with bloated eyes.

Pulsation in the head, ascending from the abdomen.


Pulsation in the eyes.

Swimming eyes, full of water, especially in the open air.

Contracted pupils.

[10] Convulsive twitching of the eyelids.

Eyes weak and dull, especially when looking intensely on an object.


Pulsation in the ears.

Dulness of hearing, as from relaxation of the tympanum.


Stupefying drawing in the root of the nose, extending to the tip of the nose, where it tingles.


[15] Tension of the skin of the face.

The muscles of the forehead are drawn together and wrinkled.

Cool perspiration in the face, especially around the nose and mouth.

Mouth and Throat.

Painful sensation of coldness in the teeth, with accumulation of much saliva.

Difficult dentition of children.

[20] The tongue becomes numb and insensible.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Aversion to coffee if not exceedingly sweetened.

Hunger without appetite.

Longing for various things, but the first morsel satisfies ; he rejects it at once.

Nausea as from the abdomen, with colic pain.

[25] The food tastes bitter while in the mouth.

Tension in the region of the stomach.

Fulness in the stomach as if it were overloaded.

Tension and bloatedness of the abdomen.

Violent pain in the abdomen, with cutting, compelling one to lie doubled up ; much worse when standing.

[30] Twitching in the abdominal muscles.

Cutting and rumbling in the abdomen as from flatulence.

Stool and Anus.

Frequent ineffectual urging to stool, worse on motion and when walking.

Thin, papescent, sour-smelling diarrhoeic stools, with straining before, and colicky, constrictive cutting in the abdomen after, and chilliness during the stool.

Mucous diarrhoea.

[35] Stools brown, mixed with mucus.

Diarrhoea of lying-in women ; of children.

Urinary Organs.

Increased secretion of urine.

Urine, red or greenish-yellow.

The bladder is weak, one has to press hard to pass the urine.

[40] Burning in the bladder.

Respiratory Organs.

Dyspnoea, as from a load on the upper part of the chest.

Stitches in the nipples.

The milk of nursing women is yellow and bitter ; the infant refuses the breast.


Stiffness in the sacrum and hips, which does not allow one to walk straight.


[45] Upper. Twitching in the arms, hands and fingers.

Swelled veins on the hands.

Cold perspiration on the palms of the hands.

Bubbling sensation in the elbow-joint.

Lower. Twitching of the muscles on the thighs.

[50] Sensation of fatigue in the thighs.

Bubbling sensation from the bend of the knee to the heel.

Stiffness in the bend of the knee with pain on motion.


Bubbling sensation as from small bubbles in the muscles and joints.

The limbs on which one lies go to sleep.

[55] Weakness and heaviness in the whole body, as if one were waking from a heavy sleep.

The joints pain on moving them.


Restless sleep at night, with tossing about, crying, moaning and groaning or with convulsive twitching of the eye-lids, muscles of the face and fingers, especially in children.

After sleep on waking, headache, bad odor from the mouth, and unconsciousness.

The hands are stretched over the head when going to sleep and during sleep.


[60] Chilliness alternating with heat.

One cheek is red and the other pale.

Internal chilliness with external heat.

Heat over the whole body, mostly on the hands and feet, with cold face.

Heat predominates, without thirst.

[65] Perspiration from slight exertions.

Cold perspiration around the nose and mouth.

Perspiration on the forehead and scalp.

The perspiration colors yellow.


Especially suitable for children, especially nursing infants or during dentition.