Ranunculus sceleratus.

Mind and Disposition.

Indolence and aversion to mental occupation in the morning, and low spirited, depressed in the evening.


Vertigo, with loss of consciousness.

Gnawing headache in (a small spot of) the temples or on the vertex.

Sensation as if the head were enlarged and too fall.

[5] Tension of the scalp.

Biting-itching on the scalp.


Biting-gnawing in the eyes and corners of the eyes.

Painful pressing in the eyeballs.

Pain in the eyeballs on moving them quickly.


[10] Otalgia, (right ear), with pressing or gnawing pain in the head, and drawing pain in the teeth.


Sensation as if the face were covered with carbuncles.

Twitches in the face ; sardonic laughter.

Drawing in the face, with sensation of coldness.

Mouth and Throat.

Drawing, stinging in the teeth.

[15] Burning in the throat.

Swelling of the tonsils, with shooting stitches in them.

Scraping in the throat.

Tongue coated white, inflamed, red and burning.

The tongue cracks and peels off.

[20] Shooting in the tip of the tongue.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Fulness in the pit of the stomach, aggravated by external pressure, and in the morning.

Sensation of soreness and burning in the pit of the stomach.

Inflammation of the stomach.

Dull pressure in the region of the liver, aggravated by drawing a long breath.

[25] Stitches in the region of the liver.

Pressure and stitches in the region of the liver, spleen, or kidneys.

Sensation of a plug behind the navel in the morning.

Twitching in the abdominal integuments.

Pain in the stomach, with fainting fits.

Stool and Anus.

[30] Frequent soft or watery, fetid stools.

Sexual Organs.

Stitches at the glans penis.

Respiratory Organs.

Dyspnoea from gnawing behind the sternum.

Pain in the chest as if bruised, with sensation of weakness, periodically returning in the evening.

Stitches in the chest and the intercostal muscles.

[35] Gnawing in the chest ; behind the sternum (with dyspnoea).

Painful sensitiveness of the external chest, especially of the sternum.


Upper. Stinging, boring and gnawing in the arms, especially violent in the fingers.

Swelling of the fingers.

Lower. Stinging, boring and gnawing in the legs, especially violent in the big toe.


[40] Boring, gnawing, stinging, tingling pains in various parts, aggravated in the evening and before midnight.

Convulsive twitches of the limbs.

Fainting with the pains.


Sleeplessness after midnight ; with anxiety, heat and thirst, or with restlessness and tossing about.


Pulse quick, full, but soft, with the heat at night.

[45] Chill and chilliness during meals.

Heat in the evening in the room after walking in the open air.

Dry heat at night, with violent thirst and ebullition, mostly after midnight.

Heat predominates.

Perspiration after the heat, towards morning, mostly on the forehead.

[50] Intermittent fever after midnight ; heat and violent thirst, with full, soft, quick pulse, followed by general perspiration, mostly on the forehead skin.

Vesicular eruptions, with acrid, thin, yellowish discharges.


The pains become worse towards evening, and after midnight, and then sleeplessness, with tossing about.