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Mind and Disposition.

Pride and over-estimation of oneself ; looking down with haughtiness on others.

Illusion ; every thing around her is very small and everybody inferior to her in body and mind.

Low-spirited, inclined to shed tears, worse in the evening.

Anxiety, horrified by the thought that he would die soon.

[5] Great indifference.

After anger alternate laughing and weeping, with great anguish and fear of death.

Delirium, with fear of men, often changing, with over-estimation of oneself.

Mania ; with great pride ; with fault-finding ; with unchaste talk ; trembling and clonic spasms, caused by fright or from anger.

Pressing headache from without to within the forehead and temples, gradually increasing and decreasing, aggravated in the evening, from stooping, while at rest, in the room ; ameliorated from exercise and in the open air.

[10] Constrictive headache, as if a tape were tightly drawn around it, with sensation of numbness in the brain, flushes of heat and ill-humor, worse from stooping and exercise.

Formication in one temple, extending to the lower jaw, with sensation of coldness on that spot ; worse in the evening and when at rest, better from rubbing.

Sensation of numbness in the head and externally on the vertex, preceded by a sensation of contraction of the brain and the scalp ; worse in the evening and while sitting, better from motion and in the open air.


Sensation of coldness in the eyes.

Spasmodic trembling and twitching of the eyelids.

[15] The objects appear smaller than they really are.


Otalgia, with cramp pain.

Sensation of coldness in the ears, with sensation of numbness extending to the cheeks and lips.


Numbness and cramp pain in the nose.


Redness and burning heat of the face, with violent thirst, especially towards evening.

[20] Sensation of coldness, tingling and numbness in (one side of) the face.

Cramp pain and sensation of numbness in the (left) malar bone.

Benumbing, dull pressure in the malar bone.


Pale, sunken countenance.

[25] Sensation of coldness, especially in the mouth.

Purple, net-like appearance on the chin.

Mouth and Throat.

Rhagades in the gums.

Cramp-like drawing in the throat, as if it were constricted.

Hawking of mucus, with scraping in the throat.

[30] Sensation as if the tongue were scalded.

Sensation as if the palate were elongated.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Aversion to food on account of feeling low-spirited.


Sweet taste on the tip of the tongue.

[35] Ravenous appetite and hasty eating, with the inclination to detest every thing around himself.

Unsuccessful efforts to eructate.

Continuous nausea, with trembling weakness and anguish.

Pressure on the stomach, especially after eating.

Sensation of constriction in the pit of the stomach and in the abdomen.

[40] Burning in the pit of the stomach, extending into the abdomen.

Pinching in the region of the navel.

Pressing and bearing down in the abdomen, extending into the pelvis.


Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; after lead poisoning or while travelling ; frequent urging, with expulsion of only small portions of feces, with great straining.

[45] After an evacuation sensation of great weakness in the abdomen or chilliness.

Itching-tingling and tenesmus at the anus, especially in the evening.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition, with slow flow of urine.

Urine red, with white clouds or turbid with red sediment.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Unnaturally increased sexual desire, with violent erections, especially at night.

[50] Women. Painful sensitiveness of the genitals internally and externally.

Bearing down to the genitals and pressing down in the abdomen.

Nymphomania ; unnatural excitement of the sexual desire, especially in lying-in-women, with voluptuous tingling in the external and internal sexual organs.

Induration of the uterus.

Menstruation too early and too profuse (lasting but a short time), with clotted, dark blood.

[55] Metrorrhagia, with great excitability of the sexual system.

Spasms on the appearance of the menstruation.

Pressing down in the genitals during menstruation.

Respiratory Organs.

Difficult, anxious respiration.

Shortness of breath, as if the chest were constricted, with anxious warm rising.

[60] Inclination to draw a long breath, prevented by a sensation of weakness in the chest.

Loss of voice (aphony).

Sensation of cramp-pain externally on the thorax, gradually increasing and decreasing.

Palpitation of the heart with anxiety.

Back and Neck.

Pains in the back, and small of the back, as if bruised, especially when pressing on it, or when bending backward.

[65] Sensation of numbness in the os sacrum.

Stiffness of the neck.

Weakness, tension and numbness in the neck.


Upper. Cramp-like pains in the arms and hands.

Paralytic drawing and weakness in the arms.

[70] Ulcers on the fingers.

Lower. Cramp-like pains in the legs.

Sensation of stiffness in the lower legs.

Ulcers on the toes.


Cramp-like pains, especially in the extremities and joints.

[75] Dull, pushing or inward, pressing pains, as from the pressure of a plug.

Tension in the limbs as if they were wrapped up tightly.

Paralytic sensation, numbness and stiffness in the limbs, generally accompanied by coldness.

Paralytic weakness in the limbs, especially when at rest.

Hysterical spasms, with full consciousness (at the dawn of day, morning).


[80] Spasmodic yawning, especially in the afternoon.

Wakens (after midnight) with frightful dreams, want of consciousness.

At night and daring sleep he lies with his arms thrown over his head, the thighs drawn up, and inclined to have his legs uncovered.


Pulse small, feeble, frequently tremulous.

Chill in the evening, with trembling and tremulous sensation over the whole body.

[85] Shaking chill when going from the room into the open, even warm, air.

Chilliness predominates, with low spirits, which ceases during the heat.

Heat, with sensation of burning in the face, without any visible change in the color of the face.

Flushes of heat, interrupted by chilliness.

Gradually increasing, and in the same manner gradually decreasing heat.

[90] Perspiration only during the sleep, ceasing as soon one wakens.


Sensation of soreness, tingling smarting and itching, or pricking, stinging burning, with inclination to scratch on different parts of the body.

Ulcers on the fingers and toes.


Is especially suitable for women.

Alternate appearance of the symptoms of the body and mind ; as soon as the one group predominates the other ceases.

[95] Aggravation of such symptoms in the evening and in the room as are ameliorated in the open air.

Most ailments are worse when at rest, and better during motion.

The pains begin slightly increase gradually, and decrease in the same slow, gradual manner.