Paris quadrifolia.

Mind and Disposition.

Loquacious mania.

Silly conduct.


Vertigo when reading aloud, with impeded speech and difficult vision.

Pressing headache aggravated from mental exertion.

[5] Headache from smoking tobacco.

Sensitiveness of the vertex to contact.

Stinging and stitches in the head.

Tension in the brain and on the forehead.


The eyeballs feel too large and too thick ; swollen.

[10] Wandering, unsteady looks.


Sensation as if the ear were pressed out or torn out.

Sensation as if a burning heat were rushing out of the ears.


Milk and bread smell like putrid meat.

Discharge of red and greenish mucus on blowing the nose.


[15] Hot stitches in the left malar bone, painful when touched.

Violent itching, biting and burning on the edges of the lower jaw, frequently with red, small, easily-bleeding (miliary) eruption.

Tetters around the mouth.

Vesicles on the surface of the lower lip.

Mouth and Throat.

Dryness of the mouth in the morning.

[20] Swelling, painfulness and peeling off of the roof of the mouth.

Tight, almost painless swelling of the size of a pigeon's egg on one side of the roof of the mouth.

White frothy mucus in the corners of the mouth in the morning.

Tongue rough, dry ; feels too large.

Burning, stinging and scraping in the throat.

[25] Sore throat, as if a ball were lodged in it.

Hawking of mucus.

Tart saliva.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Hunger very soon after a meal.

After eating, hiccough.

[30] Heaviness in the stomach as from a stone ; relieved by eructation.

Burning in the stomach, extending down in lower abdomen.

Weak, slow digestion.

Rumbling and rolling in the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Frequent soft stools.

[35] Diarrhoeic stools smell like putrid meat.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition with burning when passing the urine.

Dark red urine, with a cloud in the middle, red sediment, and a greasy pellicle swimming on it.

Acrid, excoriating urine.

Burning and stinging in the urethra.

Respiratory Organs.

[40] Trachea very dry in the morning on waking.

Hoarseness, with feeble voice, continuous hawking of mucus and burning in the larynx.

Periodical painless hoarseness.

Hawking up of viscid green mucus from the larynx.

Burning in the larynx. (Bronchitis).

[45] Cough as from vapor of sulphur in the larynx.

Cough, with expectoration of viscid mucus difficult to raise in the morning and evening on lying down.

Oppression of the chest, with desire to draw a long breath.

Stitches in the chest.

Palpitation of the heart on motion and when at rest.

Back and Neck.

[50] Stitches in the back between the shoulder-blades, and pulsating stitch in the os coccygis when sitting.

Sensation as if the neck were stiff and swollen on turning it.

Sensation as if the nape of the neck were oppressed by a great, heavy load.


Stinging pains in all parts of the body, especially the limbs.

Sensation of spasmodic tension in the joints.

[55] Sensation of heaviness in the body.


Pulse full and slow.

Chilliness, mostly towards evening, with internal trembling.

Coldness on one side (right) with heat on the other side of the body (left).

During the chill, sensation as if the skin and other parts of the body were contracted.

[60] Chilliness, with goose-flesh.

Cold feet all night in bed.

Heat extending from the neck down the back.

Heat, with perspiration on the upper part of the body.

Perspiration in the morning on waking, with biting-itching.


[65] At every motion, sensation as if all the joints were broken.