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Mind and Disposition.

Vivid imagination, exaltation of the mind, increased courage, with stupefaction and dulness.

Stupid indifference ; imbecility.

Stupefaction of the senses.

Illusions and frightful fancies ; visions.

[5] Loquacious delirium, with open eyes and red face ; furious delirium.

Mania, with frightful or pleasing, delightful visions, alternating with stupor.

Delirium tremens ; with diminished sensitiveness of the senses and stupor with snoring.

Stupor, must lie down ; snoring sleep and half-open eyes.

Complete loss of consciousness and sensation, with relaxation of the muscles.

[10] Apoplexy, with vertigo, buzzing in the ears, low of consciousness, red, bloated, hot face, red, half-closed eyes, dilated, insensible pupils, foam at the mouth, convulsive movements of the limbs, and slow, snoring breathing.

Fright with fear ; is followed by heat in the head and convulsions.

Grief over insults is followed by convulsions.


Stupefying vertigo when rising, compelling one to lie down.

Dulness and stupefaction of the head, as from drunkenness.

[15] Congestion of blood to the head, with pulsation in it.

The headache is aggravated on moving the eyes.

Great heaviness of the head.


The lids hang down as if paralyzed.

The eyes are half open and are turned upwards.

[20] The pupils are dilated and insensible to light.

Staring look.

Glassy, protruded, immovable eyes.

Swelling of the lower lids.

Obscuration of sight.

[25] Sensation as if the eyes were too large for the orbits.


Face bloated, dark (brown) red, hot.

Face pale, clay-colored, sunned countenance and eyes, with red spots on the cheeks.

Bluish (purple) face.

All the muscles of the face are relaxed and the lower lip hangs down.

[30] Trembling, twitching and spasmodic movements of the muscles of the face.

Corners of the mouth twitch ; distortion of the month.

The veins of the face are distended.

Hanging down of the lower jaw.


Mouth and Throat.

[35] Dryness of the mouth.

Ptyalism ; spitting of blood.

Ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue.

Paralysis of the tongue and difficult articulation.

Black tongue.

[40] Feeble voice, and requires a strong effort to talk loud.

Dryness of the throat.

Inability to swallow ; daily attacks of distention and strangulation.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Violent thirst ; aversion to food, or canine hunger without appetite.

Vomiting, with violent colic and convulsions ; of green substance ; of blood.

[45] Vomiting of feces and urine.

Heaviness and pressure in the stomach.

Inactivity of the digestive organs.

Hard, bloated abdomen.


Heaviness in the abdomen, as from a weight.

[50] Lead-colic.

Incarcerated inguinal hernia.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation from inactivity of the intestines.

Spasmodic, retention of the feces, especially in the small intestines.

Black fetid stool.

[55] Involuntary discharge of offensive stool ; involuntary stools after fright.

Fluid, frothy, diarrhoeic stools, with burning in the anus and violent tenesmus.

Suppression of urine, as from contraction or paralysis of the bladder.

Scanty, dark-brown urine, with brick-dust sediment.


Sexual Organs.

[60] Men. Excitement of the sexual organs and violent erections ; or impotence.

Women. Spasmodic, labor-like pain in the uterus.

Suppressed, false or spasmodic labor-pain.

Puerperal spasm, during and after parturition, with loss of consciousness and drowsiness or coma between the paroxysms.

Violent movements of the foetus.

Respiratory Organs.

[65] Hoarseness, with dry mouth and throat and white tongue.

Difficult, intermitting breathing, as from paralysis of the lungs : Pneumonia notha.

Rattling breathing.

Deep snoring breathing, with open mouth.

Tension and constriction of the chest.

[70] Suffocative attacks during sleep, like nightmare.

Cough, with dyspnoea and blue face.

Cough, with frothy expectoration of blood and mucus.

Heat in the chest.

Burning about the heart.

Back and Neck.

[75] Pulsating arteries and swollen veins on the neck.

The back is (spasmodically) bent backwards.


Upper. Twitching and spasmodic movements of the arm.

Paralysis of the arms.

Trembling of the arms and hands.

[80] Distended veins on the hands.

Lower. Twitching and spasmodic movements of the legs.

Weakness, numbness and paralysis of the legs.

Heaviness and swelling of the feet.


Numbness and insensibility of the body and limbs.

[85] Trembling of the whole body, with external coldness and jerking and twitching in the limbs.

Trembling of the limbs after fright.

Convulsions, with sudden loud cries.

Buzzing through the whole body.

Want of sensitiveness against the effects of medicines, with want of vital reaction.

[90] Increased excitability and action in the voluntary muscles, with diminution of it in the involuntary muscles.

Paralysis without pain.

Convulsions and spasmodic motions, with foam at the mouth.

Convulsions, with sleep after the paroxysms.

Rigidity of the whole body.

[95] Tetanic spasms, with bending the head or back backwards.

Epileptic convulsions, particularly at night or towards morning, with suffocative paroxysms.


Drowsiness, great inclination to sleep ; dreams, and cannot be roused.

Coma vigil.

Stupefying, unrefreshing sleep.

[100] Stupefying sleep, with the eyes half open and snoring.

During sleep, picking of bed-clothes (floccilegium) ; groaning ; voluptuous dreams.


Pulse varies very much ; full and slow, with difficult, snoring breathing ; quick and hard with heat, with quick and anxious breathing.

Chill and diminished animal heat, with stupor, and weak, scarcely perceptible pulse.

Rigidity and coldness of the whole body.

[105] Coldness only of the limbs.

Heat with damp skin predominates, extending itself from the head or stomach over the whole body.

Burning heat of the whole body, which is in a perspiration, with great redness of the face, followed by sleep with snoring.

Heat, with inclination to be uncovered.

Profuse perspiration over the whole body, which is burning hot, with sleep and snoring.

[110] In the morning, profuse hot perspiration, with desire to be uncovered.

Perspiration of the upper part of the body, with dry best of the lower part.

Cold perspiration on the forehead.

Intermittent fever ; first shaking chill, afterwards heat with sleep, during which he perspires much.

Falling asleep during the cold stage and no thirst ; during the hot stage thirst and general copious perspiration.

[115] Fever with stupor ; snoring with the mouth open ; twitches through the limbs and perspiration on the hot body.

Fever with sopor.


Dropsical swelling of the whole body.

Redness and itching of the skin.

Blue spots on the skin.


[120] Painlessness with all ailments ; complains of nothing and asks for nothing.

Especially suitable for children and old persons.

All ailments are accompanied by sopor.

Reappearance and aggravation from becoming heated.

Suitable very often to persons addicted to drinking and aged persons.

[125] Bad effects from fright.

Aggravation from brandy, wine ; while perspiring ; on rising ; during and after sleep.