Oleander (Nerium oleander).

Mind and Disposition.

Absence of mind, want of attention.

Slowness of perception.

Indolence, aversion to do any thing.


Vertigo when rising from bed, or if looking fixedly at any object, or when looking down while standing.

[5] Heaviness of the head ; better when lying down.

Biting-itching on the scalp, as from vermin, principally on the back part of the head and behind the ears ; relieved when first scratching it, which is followed by burning and soreness, which gives place to biting-itching ; worse in the evening when undressing.

Humid, scaly, biting-itching eruption on the head, especially on the back part of the head.


When reading ; burning and tension in the eyelids ; lachrymation.

Double vision.


[10] Herpes and ulcers on and around the ears.


Pale, sunken face in the morning with blue rings around the eyes.

Alternate paleness and dark redness of the face.

Numbness of the upper lip.

Mouth and Throat.

Toothache only when masticating.

[15] Drawing in the molar teeth at night when lying down, with anxiety, nausea and frequent micturition.

Bluish-white gums.

The papillae are elevated, dirty-white.

Loss of speech.

Dryness of the mouth and white tongue.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[20] Ravenous hunger with trembling of the hands and hasty eating without appetite.

Much thirst, especially for cold water.

Violent empty eructations, while eating.

Vomiting of food and bitter greenish water.

After vomiting ravenous hunger and thirst.

[25] Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, even after eating.

Beating and pulsation in the pit of the stomach as if the beats of the heart were felt through the whole thorax.

Stitches and gnawing about the navel.

Rolling and rumbling in the intestines, with emission of a great quantity of fetid flatulence.

Stool and Anus.

Ineffectual urging to stool.

[30] Almost involuntary discharge of undigested stool.

The food which he had taken on the previous day passes off undigested and almost without effort ; imagines he is only emitting flatulence.

Chronic diarrhoea ; undigested food, worse in the morning.

Burning at the anus before and after the stool.

Urinary Organs.

Urinary secretions increased with frequent micturition, especially after drinking coffee.

[35] Brown, burning urine, depositing a white sediment.

Respiratory Organs.

Viscid mucus in the trachea.

Oppressed breathing when lying, as if the chest were too narrow, with long, deep breathing.

Violent shaking cough from tickling in the larynx.

Sensation of emptiness and coldness in the chest.

[40] Dull stitches in the left side of the chest and in the sternum, worse when taking a long breath.

Violent, anxious palpitation of the heart ; the chest feels expanded.


Upper. Swelling and stiffness of the fingers, with burning pains.

The veins on the hands are swollen.

Lower. Paralysis of the legs and feet ; painless.

[45] Great, weakness of the legs, especially of the knees.

Constant cold feet.

Buzzing sensation in the legs, especially the soles of the feet.


Painless stiffness and paralysis of the limbs.

Insensibility of the whole body.

[50] Want of animal heat in the limbs.

Painless paralysis.

Faintish weakness of the whole body ; when standing trembling of the knees, when writing trembling of the hands.

Fainting as from weakness, relieved by perspiration.


Frequent yawning, with chilliness and trembling of the muscles.

[55] Restless, voluptuous dreams and frequent waking.


Pulse very changeable and irregular ; weak and slow in the morning, full and rapid in the evening.

Chilliness and chills over the whole body, periodically, with heat of the face and coldness of the hands.

Chilliness and want of animal heat.

External chilliness with internal heat without thirst.

[60] Flushes of heat periodically, especially from bodily or mental exertion.