Nux juglans.

Mind and Disposition.

Indisposition and aversion to converse.

Inattention when reading and disinclination to work.


Excitement as if intoxicated, with the sensation as if one were flying.

Headache above the eyes, especially the left ; worse on motion.

[5] Burning heat in the head in the evening, with icy-cold extremities.

Mouth and Throat.

Painful swelling and abscess on the gums (on an upper left incisor).

Tongue coated with white mucus in the morning on waking.

Accumulation of mucus in the throat with hawking.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Thirstlessness while eating and aversion to wine.

[10] Frequent loud eructations.

Fulness and bloatedness of the stomach, which prevent one from eating while one has a good appetite, better from eructations.

Fulness, bloatedness, tension and heaviness in the abdomen, with frequent desire to go to stool, relieved by eructations and discharge of flatulence.

Tympanitic hardness of the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Itching at the anus in the evening in bed, with stitches ; compelling one to walk about.

Urinary Organs.

[15] Continuous desire to urinate and frequent micturition day and night, with very profuse discharge.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Ulcer with hard, high edges, white bottom and easily bleeding, and suppurating profusely between the glans penis and prepuce.

Women. Menstruation too early and too profuse ; discharge of a large quantity of black clots.

Respiratory Organs.

Itching on the sternum.

Aphonia or great hoarseness.


[20] Violent stitches in the small of the backs causing one to tremble.


Lower. Pain in the hips or knees, impeding walking.


Pulse full and frequent in the evening.

Frequent and sudden attacks of flushes of heat.

Burning hot face in the evening, with cold extremities.

[25] Alternation of cold and heat in short attacks during the day.


Painful, large blood-boils on the shoulder and in the region of the liver.

Glandular swellings (scrofulous swellings).

Pustules as in eczema, with burning-itching, red, cracked skin, discharging a greenish fluid stiffening the linen.

Syphilitic scrofulous and mercurial ulcers and herpes.


[30] Aggravation in the evening and at night.

Amelioration after passing the stool and flatulence.