Mercurius sublimatus.

Mind and Disposition.

Anxiety, preventing sleep.

Weakness of the intellect ; he stares at persons who talk to him, and does not understand them.


Vertigo, with coldness, cold perspiration ; with deafness, when stooping.

Heaviness of the head.

[5] Stitches in the forehead.

Swelling of the head and neck.


Burning and dryness of the eyes.

Inflammation of the eyes, the pain is pressing, burning, the pupils lose their roundness, are angular, the eyes feel too small.

The eye sparkling, very movable ; pupils contracted, with red face.

[10] Pupils contracted and insensible.

Objects appear smaller.

Double, vision.


Inflammation with stitches in the ear.

Discharge of fetid pus from the ear.


[15] Swelling and redness of the nose.

Fluent coryza, loss of smell.

Ozaena, discharge from the nose like glue, drying up in the posterior nares, perforation of the septum.


Face and cheeks swollen, hard, red, bloated.

Paleness of the distorted face.

[20] Å’dematous swelling of the face.

Yellow color of the face.

The face is covered with cold perspiration.

Mouth and Throat.

Swelling of the lips, mouth, tongue, and throat.

Swelling and turning up of the upper lip ; dark-red, swollen lip.

[25] The lips and tongue are whitish and contracted.

Tongue coated with thick white mucus, or dry and red ; papillae elevated like a strawberry ; coated white and swollen, and stiff.

Looseness of the teeth ; they pain, they fall out.

The gums swell, are covered with a false membrane, become gangrenous and bleed freely.

Mouth dry with unquenchable thirst.

[30] Lymphatic exudations on the membranes in the mouth extending to the tonsils.

Ulcers (phagaedenic) in the mouth, or the gums and throat, with fetid breath.

Burning in the mouth and gums.

Ptyalism with salty taste ; bloody, yellowish, tough, acrid.

Painful burning in the mouth extending to the stomach.

[35] Discharge of albuminous mucus from the mouth.

Swelling of the tongue with ptyalism.

Pricking in the throat as from needles.

Tonsils swollen and covered with ulcers.

Swelling of the throat, to suffocation, inability to swallow any fluid, with heat in the mouth, tongue and throat.

[40] Pharynx dark red, painful to contact.

When he makes the effort to swallow, retching and vomiting.

Taste in the mouth, metallic or salty.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Burning, from the pit of the stomach to the mouth ; in the stomach.

Swelling, distension of the pit of the stomach not permitting the least touch.

[45] Vomiting, of albuminous matter ; of tough mucus ; of blood ; of stringy mucus, of green bitter substances like coffee grounds, with coagulated blood ; of bile ; of pus.

Stitches as if in the middle of the liver.

Bloated abdomen, very painful to the least touch.

Cutting below the navel.

Bruised pain in the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

[50] Diarrhoea, yellow, green, bilious, bloody, of mucus, of feces with mucus and dark clotted blood.

Burning in the rectum.

Painful, almost unsuccessful pressing, straining and tenesmus, with almost insupportable cutting pain in the abdomen, and discharge of small quantities of bloody mucus.

Tenesmus with dysenteric discharges, vomiting of bile, cramps in the calves, and stitches in the side.

Painful bloody discharges ; with vomiting.

[55] Dysentery.

Urinary Organs.

Tenesmus of the bladder ; suppressed urine.

Increased discharge of urine.

The urine is only passed in drops, and with great pain.

Urine scanty, brown, with brick-dust sediment.

[60] Itching in the forepart of the urethra.

Gonorrhoeic discharges, first thin, then thicker, and then smarting pain when urinating, with stitches in the urethra.

Burning in the urethra, more before micturition.


Sexual Organs.

Men. Violent erections during sleep.

[65] Fine, painful stinging in the left testicle.

Women. Menses too early and too profuse.

Fluor albus, Smelling sweetish, pale-yellow.

Respiratory Organs.

Hoarseness ; aphonia.

Burning and stinging in the trachea, with loss of voice.

[70] Respiration slow, interrupted sighing.

Constriction of the chest, breathes with the pectoral muscles.

Oppression of the chest.

Stitches in the chest, through the thorax (right lower side).



[75] Coldness in the extremities, they look purple, with small, spasmodic frequent pulse.

Upper. Rheumatic pains in the left shoulder and shoulder-blade.

The deltoid muscle feels relaxed.

The whole arm up to the shoulder in much swollen, red and covered with vesicles.

Lower. Stitches in the right hip-joint.

[80] Sensation as if the legs had gone to sleep.

The muscles of the thigh and calf feel relaxed.

Cramps in the calves.

The feet are icy cold.


Drawing in the periosteum, with heat in the head.

[85] Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.

Twitches, convulsive contractions.

Convulsive twitchings of the muscles of the face, arms, and legs, and convulsions of the limbs.


Paralysis of the upper and lower extremities.


[90] During sleep, violent hiccough.


When trying to go to sleep violent starts.

Sleeplessness on account of vertigo ; on account of anxiety.


Pulse small, weak, intermitting, sometimes trembling.

[95] Chilliness from the least movement and in the open air, generally with colic.

Chilliness in the evening, especially on the head.

Chilliness at night in bed.

External heat with yellowness of the skin.

Burning and stinging heat in the skin.

[100] Heat when stooping, and coldness when rising.


Towards morning the perspiration becomes fetid.

Cold perspiration, often only on the forehead.

The whole skin is covered with cold perspiration with anxiety.


[105] Painful drawing in the periosteum, as if a chill would set in.

Inflammation of the periosteum (lower jaw).

Necrosis of the upper jaw.

Burning and redness of the skin, with the formation of small vesicles.

Swelling of the glands (neck, buboes).

[110] Gray color of the nails.


Aggravation in the evening and at night.