Mercurialis perennis.


Giddiness on descending the stairs.

Head confused as if inflated.

The scalp feels tense and numb, is moved with difficulty.

Burning on the vertex.


[5] Eyelids feel heavy and dry, it is difficult to move them.

Weakness of the upper eyelids.

Trembling of the upper eyelids.

Dilated pupils with great sensitiveness of the eyes to the light.


The breath from the nose is cold.

[10] Crawling and burning of the nose.


Feeling of coldness in the face.

Feeling of tension in the face and head.

Great redness of the cheeks.

Lips dry and parched, with increased thirst.

Mouth and Throat.

[15] Dryness of the mouth, it is difficult to move the tongue and impedes chewing.

Burning in the mouth and tongue, tongue feels heavy and dry, numb, insensible, with loss of taste.

Burning, stitching blisters on the tongue, inside of the lips and cheeks ; they form very painful spreading ulcers.

Burning dryness in the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[20] Chilly feeling or burning in the stomach.


Cold over the whole body, with hot flush in the face ; must be warmly covered, then sleeps and perspires.

Cold over the whole body, emanating from the right side, particularly from the right arm, shuddering, great debility, sleepiness.

Goose-flesh on the cold right arm, extending over the whole body ; after midnight an offensive perspiration on both sides, particularly on the arms.

On going to bed in the evening chill, during the night and towards morning heat with intense thirst ; perspiration in the morning.