Mephitis putorius.

Mind and Disposition.

Great talkativeness as if he were intoxicated.

Excited, with heat of the head.

Angry about trifles or about imaginary things.

The fancies are so vivid that he is unfitted, for mental labor.


[5] Numb and dull, with the sensation as if the head became enlarged, with ill-humor and, nausea.

Vertigo when stooping ; sudden vertigo while sitting.

Vertigo when turning in bed.

Headache while riding in a carriage.

Pain over the eyes.

[10] Violent pain the head, as if a fulness were pressing upwards.

Heaviness and heavy pressure in the back part of the head, as if fingers were pressing on it.


Pain in the eyes when turning them in certain directions.

Pain as if something had lodged in the eyes.

Pain in the eyes as from over-exertion.

[15] Stitches in the eyes as from needles.

Heat and burning of the eyes.

Pressing on the lids with burning of the margins, as if a stye would form.

Inability to read fine print.

The letters become blurred, he is unable to discern them, they run together.

[20] The weakness of sight in generally accompanied by headache and pain in the eyes.


Erysipelas of the ear, with itching, heat, redness and blisters.


Dry nose ; bleeding from the nose.

Mouth and Throat.

Sudden jerks in the roots of the teeth.

Coppery taste in the mouth.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[25] Nausea with emptiness in the stomach, and sensation as if the head were distended.

Pressure in the stomach, and colic.

Rheumatic pain in the region of the liver.

Stool and Anus.

Stools rare but soft.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition with clear urine.

[30] The urine is turbid in the morning, after evening fever.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Warmth of the genitals.

Itching of the scrotum.

Women. Soreness of the genitals and swelling of the labia.

Respiratory Organs.

When drinking or talking, liability to have something get into the larynx.

[35] Cough with fluent coryza and soreness in the chest.

Coughing from talking or reading aloud.

Rattling cough every morning.

Hooping-cough, worse at night and after lying down ; with convulsions ; with complete suffocative feeling, he can not exhale ; vomiting of all the food some hours after eating ; bloated face.

Pains in the chest (on the last left short rib) when touching and pressing on it ; but especially when coughing and sneezing.


[40] Stitches in the spinal column during motion.

Pain in the back and all the limbs, with lameness.

Tension and pain in the right side of the neck.


Upper. Rheumatic pains in the arms relieved on motion.

Restlessness in the left arm with insensibility.

[45] Trembling of the arm when leaning on it.

Twitching with the hands.

Lower. Rheumatic pains from the hips down to the feet.

Restlessness in the lower limbs as if they were to become insensible : the knee feels bruised.

Stitches in the feet.

[50] Cramp pain in the (left) foot.

Arthritic pain in the heel.

Pain in the big toe as if it were being pinched off.

Corns with pain and burning.


Rheumatic pains.

[55] Wandering pains, with much pressure to urinate and shocks.

Sensation of lameness, especially with the pains.

Fine, nervous vibrations, reaching to the interior of the bones, causing a good deal of anxiety.

Inclination to stretch oneself, with disinclination to do any thing.


Frequent yawning with lachrymation.

[60] Sleepiness during the day, even when in company.

Wakens from sleep at night with congestion of blood to the lower legs.


Vivid dreams which he well recollects.

He wakens early and feels very well.


[65] Chilliness in the evening, with desire to urinate and colic, as if diarrhoea would set in.

Increased warmth, especially in the morning.

Warmth at night (genitals, head and lower legs).

Less chilliness than usual in cold weather, and no more aversion to cold washing.

Washing in ice-cold water causes a pleasant sensation.


[70] Sensation of coldness, and restlessness predominates.

The cough is worse at night, and causes great distress when inhaling.