Menyanthes trifoliata.

Mind and Disposition.

Sad, weeping mood.

Taciturn and self reflecting.

Anxiety about the heart, as if something evil were going to happen.


Continuous heaviness of the head.

[5] Pressing or compressing headache, with the sensation when ascending as if a heavy weight pressed on the head, relieved by pressing the head with the hands.

Pressing, pain from both sides of the head.

Dull headache in the room, with difficult flow of ideas ; better in the open air.

External gnawing on the vertex.

Burning pain on the forehead.


[10] The eyelids feel stiff as from tonic spasms.

Pressing in the eyes.

While reading, every thing becomes black before the eyes.


Stitches in the ears.

Cracking in the ears when masticating.

[15] Feeling of coldness in the ear.

Running of the ears, especially after exanthemata.


Tension in the root of the nose.

Nauseating smell before the nose as from rotten eggs.


Painless, visible twitching of the muscles of the face and of the eyelids.

[20] Heat and redness of the face while sleeping.

Heat in the face with cold feet.

Pain and cracking in the articulation of the jaw when masticating.

Mouth and Throat.

Great dryness of the throat without thirst.

When yawning and coughing, paralytic feeling on the left side of the throat.

Dryness and roughness in the throat preventing deglutition.

[25] Dryness of the palate, causing a stinging when swallowing.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Taste in the mouth bitter-sweet.

Frequent empty eructations.

After eating, painful dulness of the head.

Increased strong appetite preceded by heat in the stomach.

[30] Constriction in the stomach.

Continuous rumbling in the stomach as from emptiness.

Sensation of coldness in the abdomen, especially when pressing with the hand on it, or in the morning when rising.

Sensation of soreness of the abdominal walls.

The abdomen is distended by flatulence.

Stool and Anus.

[35] Constipation hard stool with pinching pain in the abdomen.

Bleeding, haemorrhoidal tumors.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent desire to urinate, with scanty discharges.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Increased sexual desire without amorous fancies erections.

Both testicles are drawn up, the right more than the left.

[40] The spermatic cord is painful to the touch.

Respiratory Organs.

Rough, hoarse voice, the ears feel obstructed as if something had been stretched across.

Stitch in the anterior regions of the larynx, impeding deglutition.

Spasmodic contraction of the larynx ; when an effort to inspire is made it causes a cough.

Constriction and stitches in both sides of the chest.

[45] The stitches in the (right side of the) chest are worse during motion, and when breathing.

Stitches in the region of the heart.

Back and Neck.

Bruised pain in the small of the back, more on sitting quiet and when stooping.

Dull, boring stitch on the left shoulder-blade.

Feeling of heaviness and stiffness in the muscles of the neck and throat.


[50] Upper. Tension and paralytic tearing in the, arms, hands and fingers.

Spasmodic stiffness of the arms, the fingers are involuntarily clenched.

Painful jactitation of the muscles of the (right), upper arm and little finger.

Cramp-like pains in the muscles of the (left) lower arm, extending as far as the palm of the hand.

Lower. Bruised feeling of the thighs.

[55] The (right) thigh and leg are spasmodically jerked upward, when sitting, relieved, when standing or when drawing up the leg.


Painless twitching of the muscles in different parts (face, thigh), principally when at rest.

Great debility, especially when walking, often with chilliness.

Stinging, pinching pain (in the limbs : arthritic affections).


Pulse. Slow during the cold stage and accelerated during the fever.

[60] Chill predominates, icy coldness of the hands and feet and coldness in the abdomen.

Chill, which is relieved by the heat of the stove and only remains in the back.

Sensation of chilliness oil the hands and lower legs.

Heat in the evening, mostly on the head, with cold feet.

Perspiration in the evening as soon as he lies down, continuing all night.

[65] Intermittent fevers, with sensation of coldness in the abdomen.


Chronic complaints from the abuse of cinchona and quinine.

Aggravation in the evening and daring rest, while lying down, amelioration from motion, from pressing on the affected part.