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Mind and Disposition.

Dulness of the senses ; inability to collect one's ideas.

Insensibility and complete loss of sensation.

Weakness of mind and loss of memory ; fear and anxiety about imaginary evils.

Loss of consciousness, with loss of speech and motion.

[5] Intoxication.


Stupefaction, with vertigo.

Vertigo, with disposition to sleep.

Vertigo worse in the open air.

Stupefying pain in the whole head.

[10] Sensation of coldness in the forehead and vertex, as if a cold wind were blowing on it, descending through the neck to the back ; worse in the room, better in the open air.

Pulsation in the head, with heat or with coldness.

Sensation of looseness of the brain, as if it were falling into the forehead, when stooping, without pain.

The brain feels contracted and painful.

Stitches in the head.

[15] Itching of the hairy scalp.


Pupils dilated, immovable.

Byes open and staring ; distorted eyes.

Objects appear larger.

Darkness before the eyes ; obscuration of sight.


[20] Hardness of hearing.

Tingling in the ears.

Itching in the ears.


The nose feels stopped up ; no air passes through the nose -coryza with sore throat.


Sunken face, with livid gray-yellow complexion.

[25] Distorted face.

Bloated face.

Twitching and convulsions of the facial muscles.

Titillation in the face, as if flies and spiders were crawling over the skin.

Eruption around the mouth.

[30] Foam at the mouth.


Mouth and Throat.

Dryness in the mouth.

Contraction of the oesophagus when drinking.

Impeded deglutition.

Spasmodic contraction in the throat and oesophagus.

[35] Dry and rough tongue.

White and dry tongue.

The tongue feels cold, or burnt and numb.

Swelling and stiffness of the left side of the tongue.

Loss of speech.

[40] The drink he takes rolls audibly through the oesophagus and intestines.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Violent thirst, with dry mouth.

Entire loss of appetite, with clean tongue.

Nausea in the stomach and vomiting of the ingesta.


[45] Bitter eructations.

Violent pain in the stomach, with loss of speech.

Burning in the stomach and abdomen, or coldness.

Pain in the stomach like fainting.

Contractive feeling in the region of the stomach, and cutting pain in the abdomen.

[50] Pinching about the umbilicus.

Sticking pains in the liver, with pressure.

Distention of the region of the liver, with pains, as from subcutaneous ulceration.

Induration of the liver.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation, stool hard, firm.

[55] Ineffectual urging to stool, with emission of wind only.

Diarrhoea, with tenesmus.

Discharge of green liquid mucus.

Involuntary stools.

No stool or urine is discharged.

[60] Constriction of the rectum.

Urinary Organs.

Suppression of urine ; retention of urine as from paralysis of the bladder.

Involuntary secretion of urine.

The urine deposits a thick, reddish sediment.

Itching in the forepart of the urethra.

Sexual Organs.

[65] Men. Gangrene of the penis.

Women. Menses too early and too profuse ; blood thin, liquid.

Burning and stinging in and below the mammae.

Respiratory Organs.

Scraping in the larynx, with increased secretion of mucus and hoarseness.

Roughness in the throat and trachea, with hoarseness and desire to cough.

[70] Spasmodic constriction of the trachea.

Whizzing cough, with sensation as if the mucous membranes were too dry.

Cough, with copious jelly-like expectoration, mixed with bloody points.

Bloody cough.

Panting breathing.

[75] Slow, feeble, almost imperceptible breathing.

Slow, moaning and rattling breathing.

Dyspnoea, with sensation as if the lungs would not be sufficiently expanded.

Spasmodic oppression of the chest.

Pressure on the chest as from a heavy load ; pressure on the sternum.

[80] Paralysis of the lungs.

Irregular beating of the heart, with slow pulse.

Stitches in the region of the heart.

Pain in every external part of the thorax on moving it.

Burning in the chest on taking an inspiration.


[85] Painful stiffness in the small of the back.

Painful stiffness in the left side of the neck and nape of the neck.

Pressure in the nape of the neck, particularly in the open air, compelling him to bend the head forward.


Upper. Pressure on the right-shoulder or in the joint.

In the right shoulder, pains as from lameness and stitches.

[90] Stitch in both elbows.

Pain, as if sprained, in the right wrist-joint.

Distention of the veins on the hands.

Rough scaly skin between the fingers, with burning when touched by water.

Lower. Pain, as if sprained, in the left hip-joint.

[95] Sticking in the left knee.

The feet go to sleep (when crossing the legs or sitting).

Ulcerated pains in the lower part of the heels.

Stiffness of the feet after rising from the seat.


Irresistible sleepiness, especially after dinner and in the evening.

[100] Deep, snoring sleep.

Soporous condition.


Stinging and tearing in the limbs.

Painless paralysis of the limbs.

Want of energy of the vital powers and want of reaction.

[105] Apoplexy, with paralysis.


Epileptic convulsions, with foam before the tightly closed mouth.

Painlessness with the ailments.


Pulse very irregular, sometimes small and slow, often imperceptible, again more rapid, seldom full and hard.

[110] Chilliness and coldness in the afternoon and evening, which cannot be relieved by heat.

Shuddering with goose-flesh.

Chilliness and heat in alternation.

Want of natural heat.

Heat running down the back.

Perspiration during the heat and continuing all night.

[115] Perspiration after eating.


Aggravation in the evening.

Amelioration at night and in the open air.