Kalmia latifolia.


Giddiness, with headache and nausea.

Giddiness when stooping and looking downwards.

Sensation of heat in the head in the morning.

Pain in the forehead in the morning when waking, after rising and then increasing.

[5] Pulsating headache as if a pulse were beating in the forehead.

Pressing pain on a small spot on the right side of the head.

The headache is worse in the evening and in the open air.


Everything is ; black before the eye when he looks downward ; with nausea and eructations of wind (in the morning).

Dull weak eyes.

[10] Pressure in the right eye (evening).

Pressure above the right eye.

Sensation of stiffness around the eyes and in the eyelids.

Stitches in the eyes (ears, fingers, feet).

Itching in the eyes, and when rubbing them they sting.

[15] The eye symptoms are worse in the evening and in the open air.


Stitches in the right ear (ears), behind the right ear, neck and thighs (at night).


Coryza, with increased sense of smell.


Stitches ; and tearing in the lower jaw.

Fothergill's faceache.

[20] Paleness of the face.

Itching in the face at night.

Roughness of the cheeks (during every summer).

Mouth and Throat.

Lips swollen, dry and stiff (morning).

Cracked lips with dry skin.

[25] Tongue white, dry.

Stitches in the tongue.

Increased secretion of saliva.

The throat feels swollen.

Sensation as if a ball were rising in the throat.

[30] Sensation of dryness in the throat, with difficult deglutition and thirst.

Pressure in the throat, stitches in the eyes, and nausea.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Nausea, everything becomes black before the eyes, with pressure in the throat, incarcerated flatulence, oppression of breathing, and rheumatic pains in the limbs.

Pressure in the pit of the stomach, worse when sitting in a stooping position, better when sitting erect, with the sensation as if something should be pressed off below the pit of the stomach.

Pains in the region of the liver.

[35] Incarcerated flatulence, with nausea.

Sensation of weakness in the abdomen extending to the throat, relieved by eructation.

Stool and Anus.

Stool like mush, easily discharged, as if glazed, followed by pressure on the rectum.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition of large quantities of yellow urine.

Sexual Organs.

Women. Menstruation insufficient and too late.

Respiratory Organs.

[40] When breathing, a noise as from spasm in the glottis.

Pain in the chest as from a sprain.

Difficult and oppressed breathing ; the throat feels swollen, nausea ; with rheumatism.

Cough caused by scraping in the throat.

Hypertrophy of the heart ; palpitation of the heart.

Neck and Back.

[45] Violent pain in the upper three vertebrae, extending through the shoulders.

Pain in the back during menstruation.

Sensation of lameness in the back.

Sensation as if the spinal column would break from within.


Upper. Pain in the right shoulder.

[50] Stitches in the lower part of the left shoulder-blade.

Rheumatic pains in the arms (right).

Cracking in the elbow-joint.

Stitches in the fingers ; stitches in the fingers.

The hands feel as ; they had been sprained.

[55] Pain in the left wrist, causing the hand to feel paralyzed.

Erysipelatous eruption on the hands and extending further.

Weakness in the arms ; the pulse being slow.

Lower. Tearing pain from the hip down the leg, extending to the feet.

Stitches externally on the knee : in the feet, soles of the feet, toes, left big toe.

[60] Pain in knee (the left).

Sensation of weakness in the calves.

The feet feel sprained.

Rheumatic pains in the extremities.


Restless sleep, turns often.

[65] While sleeping he stands up and walks about.

Talking during sleep.


Pulse slow, weak.

Chilliness. Cold limbs, the pulse is scarcely perceptible.

[70] Heat with burning and pain in the back and loins.

Cold perspiration.


Pricking sensation in the skin and moderate perspiration.

Dry skin.

Erysipelatous, inflamed eruption on the hand, similar to the eruption caused by Rhus-tox., with oppressed breathing.

[75] Eruption like itch.


Motion increases especially the great weakness and tired feeling in all the muscles.

The head and eye symptoms are worse in the evening and in the open air.

Bending forward increases the sensations in the pit of the stomach.

Stooping and looking downwards increases the giddiness.

[80] The rheumatic pains are mostly in the upper arms and lower parts of the legs ; and are worse when going to sleep.

Amelioration when lying down.

The rheumatism often attacks the heart, and generally goes from the upper to the lower parts.

Wine relieves the vomiting.