Mind and Disposition.

Ill-humor ; irritable ; inclined to use offensive language, to scold his friends, to heat those near him, and to abuse them.


Heat and redness of the face.

The articulation of the jaw feels stiff imagines he cannot open the mouth.

Mouth and Throat.

Large quantities of tough saliva in the mouth and throat.

[5] Continued spitting.

Sensation of constriction of the throat.

Sensation of elongation of the palate.

Imagines that he cannot swallow any thing.

Sensation of a lump in the throat, and desire to swallow.

Appetite and Taste.

[10] Aversion to water ; says he is thirsty, but cannot look at the water nor bear it poured out.

Swallows very small quantities of warm chocolate.

Stool and Anus.

Discharge of bright red blood from the rectum with burning and stinging as from thorns in the anus.

Dysenteric stools with tenesmus ; renewed as soon as he bears ; or sees the water run.

Discharge of blood from the rectum during the menses.

Sexual Organs.

[15] Men. The testicles shrink and become softer.


Women. Pressing downwards in the region of the uterus (prolapsus uteri).


Stitches in the heart.


Aversion to water ; cannot drink water ; imagines he cannot swallow it.

[20] When he hears the water poured out, or if he hears it run or if he sees it, he becomes very irritable, nervous it causes ; desire for stool, and other ailments.


Natrum muriaticum follows well after Hydrophobin.