Hydrocyanic acid (Hydrocyanii acidum).

Mind and Disposition.

Despondency ; oppression.

Anguish in the pit of the stomach.

Inability to think.


Dizziness with feeling of intoxication.

[5] Vertigo with reeling.

Headache with giddiness.

Stupefying headache.

Pricking in various ; parts of the head.


Protruded eyes.

[10] Distorted, half open eyes.

Pupils dilated immovable insensible to the light.

The lids immovable they seem paralyzed.

Dimness of sight ; gauze before the eyes.


Roaring and buzzing in the ears.

[15] Hardness of hearing.


Enlarged, bluish wings of the nose.

Dryness of tine nose.


Face bloated.

Pale-bluish face, looks old.

[20] Sallow and gray complexion.

Distortion of the corners of the mouth.

Distortion of the facial muscles.


Mouth and Throat.

Increased secretion of saliva.

[25] Tongue coated white.

Cod feeling of the tongue.

Burning on the tip of the tongue.

Lameness and stiffness of the tongue ; tongue protruded.

Loss ; of speech.

[30] Spasm in the pharynx and oesophagus.

Heat and inflammation of the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Taste acrid, sweet or fetid.

Absence of thirst, with heat of the whole body, or violent thirst.

Vomiting of a black fluid.

[35] Cold feeling in the abdomen with stitches.

Spasmodic contraction of the stomach.

Inflammation of the stomach and bowels.

Coldness in the abdomen alternating with burning.

Urinary Organs.

Retention of urine.

[40] Copious emission of watery urine.

Stool and Anus.

Involuntary stools.

Respiratory Organs.

Sensation as if the larynx were swollen.

Scraping and burning in the larynx.

Short, backing cough, caused by a pricking in the larynx and trachea.

[45] Rattling, moaning, slow breathing.

Arrest of breathing caused by stitches in the larynx.

Tightness in the chest, sensation of suffocation.

The heart beats irregular, feeble.


Irresistible, constant drowsiness.

[50] Sleeplessness.


Languor and weakness of the limbs.

Paralysis first of the lower then of the upper limbs.

Nervous weakness.

Irregular pulsation of the heart.


[55] Coldness within and without.

Heat in the head with coldness of the extremities.

Heat and perspiration over the whole body.


Dryness of the skin.

Paleness with a blue tinge.