Gymnocladus canadensis.

Mind and Disposition.

Indifference to what happens around him.

Cannot think, comprehend or study ; forgets every thing.


Dizziness with dimness of sight ; nausea, belching.

Head feels full, tight, as if bound up.

[5] Fulness and pressure in and over the eyes, extending to the top of the head.

Throbbing headache over the left eye.

Pain in the head and back.

Pain in the left temple to the ear and top of the head.

Bruised feeling of the head (left side).

[10] Desire to lean the head on something.


Pain in the left eyeball and temple.

Eyes feel as if pushed forward.

Eyes feel sore in the morning.


Sensation as if flies were crawling over the right side of the face.

[15] Erysipelatous swelling of the face and head ; hot face ; it feels swollen ; is compelled to rub the eyes.


Frequent violent sneezing, originating very high up in the nose.

Mouth and Throat.

Great sensibility of the teeth ; more on the left side and in the upper teeth ; the slightest draught of cold air causes toothache ; cold drink is very painful.

Tongue coated bluish-white.

Burning, drawing and scraping ; burning in the roof of the mouth, extending to the uvula and tonsils.

[20] Inflammation and purple color of the right tonsil.

Sticking and shooting in the throat.

Burning in the oesophagus and stomach.

Mucus in the throat and frequent hawking.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Nausea after eating, with pain and fulness in stomach and belching.

[25] Belching of sour water.

Burning in the stomach (circumscribed, the size of a dollar).

Heat in the stomach and sour watery eructations.

Pain in the left side, as if the spleen were swollen.

Stitches in the bowels and umbilical region.

[30] Soreness and tenderness of the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation, with ineffectual disposition to go to stool.

After stool, aching fulness in the rectum.

Urinary Organs.

Pressure on the bladder and frequent desire to urinate ; the urine is passed in a small stream.

Sexual Organs.

Man. Itching of the glans penis and prepuce.

Respiratory Organs.

[35] Smarting in the larynx.

In the morning, tickling in the throat, causing a cough, increasing through the day ; cough hard, dry and racking.

Pressure on the chest and sternum.

Stitches in the right breast and intercostal muscles.


Upper. Perspiration of the axillary region and palms of the hands.

[40] Violent pain in the left forearm, in the radius, as if the bones were crushed and broken.

Pulsation in the left index, as if a panaritium were forming.

Lower. Stinging pain in the left knee-joint.


Pulse small and quick.

Cold chills and pains in the bowels (in the descending colon).

[45] Desire for increased heat ; wants to be near the fire.


Aggravation in the evening.

Repugnance to motion ; a short walk fatigues him much (afternoon).

The whole body feels numb.