Guajacum officinale.

Mind and Disposition.

Forgetfulness, especially of names.

Thoughtless staring during the morning.


Violent sharp stitches in the brain.

Rheumatic pains in one side of the head, extending to the face.

[5] External headache, with the sensation as if the blood-vessels were overfilled.

Pulsative throbbing in the outer parts of the head, with stitches in the temples ; removed for a short time by external pressure and by walking, increased by sitting and standing.


Swelling of the eyes.

Sensation of swelling and protrusion of the eyes ; the eyelids appeared too short to cover the eyes.


Violent otalgia, with tearing (left ear).


[10] Redness and painful swelling of the face.

Lancinations and painful stitches in the right malar bone and cheek, as if knives were plunged in.

Mouth and Throat.

Tearing pain in the teeth, ending with a stitch.

Violent burning in the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Aversion to milk.

[15] Violent hunger (afternoon and evening).

Much thirst.

Frequent empty eructations.

In the morning violent vomiting of watery mucus.

Nausea occasioned by the sensation of accumulated mucus in the throat.

[20] Pinching in the abdomen (as from incarcerated flatulence), receding towards the rectum until flatulence was emitted.

Sensation of constriction in the stomach, with oppression of breathing and anguish.

Twitches in the abdominal muscles (right side).

Inguinal hernia.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; stools hard and crumbling, very offensive.

Urinary Organs.

[25] Continuous desire to urinate (even after urinating), with profuse emission of very fetid urine.

Cutting pain in the urethra when urinating.

Stitches in the neck of the bladder after ineffectual pressure to urinate.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Nocturnal emissions without lascivious ; dreams.

Respiratory Organs.

Stitches ; in the left side of the chest, worse from breathing deep.

[30] Dry cough with shortness of breathing till expectoration sets in.

Cough with copious expectoration of fetid pus.

Back and Neck.

Contractive pain between the scapula.

Corrosive itching in the back (by day).

When moving, excessive stiffness of one side of the back, from the neck extending to the small of the back.

[35] Chilliness in the back, in the afternoon.


Upper. Sharp stitches in the top of the right shoulder.

Rheumatic pains in the left arm, from the shoulder to wrist.

Lancinating rheumatic pains from the elbow to the wrist. (left arm).

Rheumatic pains in the left wrist-joint.

[40] Stitches in the right thumb.

Lower. Exhaustion in the lower limbs.

Pricking in the nates, as if sitting on needles.

Tearing, drawing lancinations in the leg, from the right tarsus to the knee.

Tension in the thighs, especially the right, as ; if the muscles were too short, with languor when walking ; worse by contact, better when sitting.


[45] Nightly restlessness and sleeplessness.

Feels unrefreshed in the morning when waking.

Nightmare when lying on the back, waking with screams.


Tearing-pricking pains in the muscles of the extremities, with heat of the parts.

Immovable stiffness of the contracted limbs.

[50] The limbs go to sleep.

Great emaciation.


Pulse small, weak, soft, accelerated.

Chilliness internally, even near the warm stove, principally in the afternoon and evening.

Heat in the face, especially in the evening.

[55] Perspiration, principally on the head and on the forehead (when walking in the open air).

Night-sweats, smelling very offensively.


Swelling and softening of the bones.



Yawning and stretching relieves the general ill-feeling.

Most ailments ; begin in the morning and forenoon, and while sitting.

[60] The affected parts are very sensitive to contact.

Aggravation in the open air.