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Mind and Disposition.

Great irritability, does not wish to be spoken to.

Vivacity, carelessness, followed by depression of spirits.

Unconnected ideas ; cannot follow an idea for any length of time ; if he attempts to think consecutively he is attacked by a painful vacant feeling of the mind.

Stupor, cannot open the eyes.

[5] Sensation of intoxication with diarrhoea.

Confusion ; when attempting to move, the muscles refuse to obey the will ; head giddy.

Every exciting news ; causes ; diarrhoea ; bad effects from fright and fear.


Staggering as if intoxicated when trying to move.

Giddiness as if intoxicated, as if should fall clown.

[10] Giddiness with loss of sight, chilliness, accelerated pulse, dulness of vision, double vision.

Fulness in the head with heat in the face and chilliness.

Great heaviness of the head, relieved by profuse micturition.

Pain as from a tape around the head.

Dull pain in the back part of the head after breakfast worse when moving and stooping.

[15] Sensation as if the brain were bruised.

With the headache giddiness, faintiness, pain in the neck, pulsation of the carotid arteries, pain in the limbs, great drowsiness, sneezing, double vision, loss of sight.

Sensation of contraction of the skin in the middle of the forehead.

Itching on the head (face neck, shoulders), preventing sleep.


Eyes feel bruised.

[20] Yellow color of the eyes.

Great heaviness of the eyelids, cannot keep the eyes open.

Fulness and congestion of the eyelids ; ; paralysis of the eyelids.

Double vision controllable by the strength of the will, or when looking sideways, not when looking straight forward. (During pregnancy).

Distant objects ; look obscure.

[25] Appearance like smoke before the eyes.

Dimness of vision (during pregnancy).

Cannot see any thing (complete blindness).

Pupils dilate.

Aversion to light, -more to candle-light.


[30] Sudden loss of hearing (deafness) ; for a short time.


Sneezing followed by tingling and fulness in the nose.

Sneezing with fluent coryza ; profuse watery discharge excoriates the nostrils.

Sensation of fulness at the root of the nose extending to the neck and clavicles.


Heavy, dull expression of the countenance.

[35] Yellow color of the face.

Paleness and nausea.

Heat of the face with fulness in the head and cold feet.

Erythema of the face and neck.

The muscles of the face seem to be contracted, especially around the mouth, making it difficult to speak.

[40] Stiffness of the jaws, the jaws are locked.

Lips dry, hot and coated.

Mouth and Throat.

Saliva colored yellow as from blood.

Sticky feverish feeling in the mouth.

Putrid taste and fetid breath.

[45] The tongue is coated yellowish-white with fetid breath.

Thick coating of the tongue (during the chill).

Tongue red, raw, painful, dry, inflamed in the middle.

Paralysis of the tongue (glottis and eyelids).

Dryness and burning in the throat.

[50] Dry roughness in the, throat when coughing.

Dryness of the throat with hoarseness.

Sensation of heat and constriction in the throat.

Burning in the mouth extending to the throat and stomach.

Sensation as if a foreign body were lodged in the throat.

[55] Difficult deglutition (paralytic dysphagia).

Stomach and Abdomen.

Thirst (during the perspiration).

Increased appetite, or easily satisfied with small quantities of food.

Sour eructations.

Nausea (with giddiness and headache).

[60] Sensation of emptiness in the stomach.

Burning in the stomach extending to the mouth.

Gnawing pain in the transverse colon.

Sudden spasmodic pains ; in the upper part of the abdomen, compelling him to cry, leaving a sensation of contraction.

Sensation of soreness in the abdominal walls.

[65] Bumbling in the abdomen with discharge of wind above and below.

Periodical colic with diarrhoea. (Yellow discharges setting in the evening).

Stool and Anus.

Frequent discharge of flatulency.

The soft stool is passed with difficulty, as if the sphincter ani resisted the passage by contraction.

Paralysis of the sphincter ani, with disposition to prolapsus ani.

[70] Stool is loose, color of tea, dark-yellow.

Diarrhoea with intermittent fever.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition (relieving the headache).

Sexual Organs.

Men. Genitals cold and relaxed.

Involuntary emissions, without erections.

[75] Painful redness at the urethra. (Secondary gonorrhoea).

Women. Sensation of heaviness in the uterus.

Suppressed menstruation with convulsions (every evening).

Rigidity of the neck of the uterus.

Spasmodic labor-pains.

[80] During pregnancy, violent pains in the uterus, headache, drowsiness, double vision, obscuration of sight, giddiness, pulsation of the carotid arteries, small slow pulse.

Premature labor (abortion) (after fright).

Larynx and Respiratory Organs.

Voice weak.

Paralysis of the glottis with difficult deglutition.

Spasm of the glottis evening, threatening suffocation.

[85] Roughness of the throat, raw, as ; if ulcerated in the larynx-bronchitis.

Hoarseness with dryness of the throat.

Burning in the larynx, descending into the trachea.

Heaviness ; in the middle of the chest (afternoon).

Sensation of constriction in the lower thorax.

[90] Stitches in the chest (right side), heart.

Dry cough with soreness of the chest and fluent coryza.

Pain in the heart when rising from a seat.

Breathing frequent.

Back and Neck.

Pulsation of the carotid arteries (during pregnancy).

[95] The muscles of the neck feel bruised.

Sensation of constriction in the right side of the neck.

Pain in the neck under the left shoulder blade.


Upper. In the shoulders pain during the night.

Sensation as if the right elbow were sprained.

[100] Pain in the elbow (left) from draught of air (at night).

Pain as if sprained in the right wrist.

Trembling of the hands when lifting them up.

Coldness of the wrist and hands.

Hot dry hands, especially the palms of the hands.

[105] Lower. Unsteady gait.

Loss of the voluntary motion.

Violent lancinating pain in the thigh.

Rheumatic pains during the night in the knees.

Sudden dislocation or slipping of the knee-pain (during breakfast).

[110] The calves of the legs feel bruised, pain at night.

Cold feet.

Spasmodic contraction of the toes.


Sleepiness and long continued sleep.

As soon as he goes to sleep he is delirious.

[115] Yawning.

Cannot to sleep on account of violent itching on the head, face, neck and shoulders.

He wakens from headache or colic.


Paralytic affections, muscles weak and will not obey the win.

Rheumatic pains (wandering) in the bones and joint (night).

[120] Spasmodic contractive pains.

Sensation as if bruised.


Pulse slow, accelerated by motion.

Limbs cold with oppressed breathing.

Cold hands and feet.

In the evening, when entering the warm, room, thirst, pain in the back and loins and in the lower part of the thigh.

[125] Chilliness in the upper part of the body, back.

Chilliness every day at the same hour.

Chilliness especially in the morning.

Nervous chill, the skin is warm ; wants to be held that he may not shake so much.

Chill with cold hands feet and headache.

[130] Chill with weak pulse.

Coldness of the feet as if the were in cold water, with heat in the head and face and headache.

Chill followed by heat and later by perspiration.

Heat principally on the head and face.

Profuse perspiration relieving the pains. Perspires freely from slight exertion.


[135] Papulous eruptions ; resembling measles especially on the face.

Itching on the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Skin hot and dry.


Smoking tobacco aggravates the headache.

Bad effects from suddenly hearing bad news ; from fright ; and from thence, diarrhoea, abortion.