Dolichos pruriens.

Mouth and Throat.

Gums (upper) irritated, tumid, excessively painful ; can scarcely take food or drink in the mouth.

Pain in the gums prevents sleep.

Painful sensation of the throat below the angle of the lower jaw on the right side ; it was ; as if a splinter of three-quarters of an inch in length was imbedded vertically in that spot ; pain increased by swallowing.


Bloated, swollen abdomen (with constipation).

[5] Worms.

Swelling of the liver.

Respiratory Organs.

Cough most troublesome about bedtime and for a while after going to bed.

Cough, with wheezing and dyspnoea.


Twitching of the muscles.

[10] Clonic spasms of the extremities, with loss of consciousness ; eyes motionless ; eyelids open.


Intolerable itching all over the body ; worse at night, preventing sleep ; scratching increases the itching ; there is nothing perceptible on the skin.

Jaundice, with itching of the skin.