Diadema aranea.


Headache, relieved by smoking tobacco and going out in the open air.


Painfulness of all the teeth as soon as he goes to bed in the evening.

Bitter taste, with coated tongue ; relieved by smoking.


Swelling of the spleen (after intermittent fever was suppressed by Quinine).

Respiratory Organs.

[5] Haemoptysis.

Sexual Organs.

Women. Catamenia too early, too profuse, of too duration.

Metrorrhagia ; bright-colored blood.


Upper. Sensation on the ring and little fingers, as if they were asleep.

Lower. Boring and digging in the os calcis, continuing on moving the foot, and disappearing by continuing the motion.

[10] Ulcer on the left heel.


As soon as he lies down at night a violent pain in all the teeth.


Haemorrhages from all the organs.


Chilliness every day at the same hour (precisely), with sleeplessness, no heat or perspiration following.

Chilliness day and night, even during the summer ; worse during rain.

[15] Chill and other symptoms are worse every other day, at precisely the same hours.


Aggravation in wet habitations and from being on the water. -Daily, at precisely the same hour.