Conium maculatum.

Mind and Disposition.

Hypochondria and hysteria from suppression of, or from too free an indulgence in, the sexual instinct, with low spiritedness, anxiousness and sadness.

Forgetfulness ; excessive difficulty of recollecting things.

Dread of men when they approach him ; nevertheless he dreads being alone.

Inclination to start, as with fright.

[5] Want of disposition to work.


Giddiness when looking around.

Intoxication from the smallest quantity of stimulus ; even wine and water in small quantities intoxicates him.

Apoplexy with paralysis (in old people).

Stupefying headache, first in the forepart of the head, later in the back part, with coryza ; worse in the open air ; relieved on stooping and moving the head.

[10] Tearing in the temples and sides of the head, with the sensation as if the brain were gone to sleep ; worse from contact, motion, and after eating ; better in a recumbent position, or while stooping.

Lancinating pain, especially in the vertex.

Sensation of a great lump in the brain.

One-sided headache, with nausea.

Headache caused by too small but frequent stools, with tenesmus.

[15] Hydrocephalus ; the pains are aggravated when awaking, after eating, in the open air ; ameliorated on external pressure, on lying down, and on closing the eyes.


Sensation of coldness or burning of the eyes in the open air.

Aversion to light, inflammation of the eyes.

Cataract from contusion.

Yellowish color of the eyes.

[20] Things look red.



Stitches in and around the em.

Accumulation of ear-wax looking like decayed paper or blood-red ; hardness of hearing, ceasing when the wax is removed and returning with the wax.

Great and painful sensitiveness of hearing.

[25] Roaring and humming in ears.

Induration of the parotid gland.


Excessively acute smell.

Purulent discharge from the nose.

Frequent bleeding from the now (when sneezing).

[30] Sickly and pale complexion ; purple bloated face.

Heat in the face.

Stinging, tearing faceache (at night).

Moist and spreading herpes in the face.

Cancer of the lips (from the pressure of the pipe).

[35] Dry and scaly lips.

Mouth and Throat.

Drawing, Extending from the jaws to the ears and heed.

Gnashing of the teeth.

Toothache in a hollow tooth when eating anything cold.

Gums swollen, blue-red, bleed readily.

[40] Stiff, swollen, painful tongue ; dry tongue.

Involuntary deglutition, especially when walking in the wind.

Violent ptyalism.

Pressure in the oesophagus, as if a round body (globus hystericus) were ascending from the stomach.

Spasmodic constriction of the throat.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[45] Nausea as soon as food is taken.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Great desire for coffee, for salt food and acids.

After taking milk sensation of inflation of the abdomen.

Suppressed eructations, with subsequent pain in the stomach.

[50] Sensation of soreness and rawness of the stomach and of the abdomen when walking on the stones.

Spasmodic pains in the stomach.

Hardness of the abdomen from swelling of the mesenteric glands.

Lancinations in the abdomen, as if knives were plunged in ; stitches in the spleen.

Emission of cold flatulence ; rumbling and grumbling in the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

[55] Constipation, with ineffectual desire for stool ; constant urging, without stool.

Hard stool, with tenesmus (headache ; discharge of prostatic fluid).

During stool burning in the rectum.

After stool tremulous weakness.

Frequent stitches in the anus.

[60] Heat in the lower part of the rectum.

Diarrhoea ; stools undigested, with colic ; very debilitating.

Involuntary discharge of faeces during sleep.

Urinary Organs.


The flow of urine suddenly stops, and continues after a short interruption.

[65] Urine thick, white and turbid ; bloody.

Diabetes, accompanied by great pain.

While urinating, cutting pain in the urethra.

After urinating, burning in the urethra (in the morning) ; pressure in the neck of the bladder, with stitches ; worse when walking, better when sitting.

Pressure on the bladder.

[70] Frequent micturition, during the night ; the urine cannot be retained.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Impotence ; insufficient erections.

Excessive pollutions.

Discharge of prostatic juice, while expelling the faeces, during every emotion.

Swelling of the testes (after contusion).

[75] Women. Menstruation too early and too scanty.

Painful abdominal spasms during the menses.

Suppressed menstruation (with barrenness).

Acrid burning leucorrhoea, preceded by pinching pains in the abdomen.

Inflammation of the mammae, with stitches ; scirrhus of the mamma after contusion.

Respiratory Organs.

[80] Shortness of breathing when walking ; suffocative attacks ; oppressed breathing, in the morning, when waking.

Stitches in the chest (sternum).

Violent spasmodic nightly cough (hooping-cough), caused by itching in the chest and throat, or from a small dry spot in the larynx, without expectoration at night, and difficult, bloody, purulent, offensive expectoration during the day.

Cough during pregnancy.

Aggravation at night, when lying down ; from acids and salt food.

[85] Cough relieves the tightness of the chest.

Arouse cough, with inability to expectorate ; he must swallow what he coughs up.

Cough, with pain in the abdomen.

Back and Neck.

Pain, as from a sprain in the left side of the back and neck.


Upper. Humid letters on the forepart of the arms.

[90] The shoulder feels as if bruised and sore.

Cracking in the wrist joint.

Lower. Red spots on the calves, which turn yellow or green, as from contusion, preventing movement.

Cracking of the knee joint.

From a slight exposure of the feet he catches cold.


[95] Sensation of debility in the morning, in bed.

Sudden loss of strength while walking.

Hysterical and hypochondriacal attacks.


Sleepiness in the daytime and early in the evening.


Pulse irregular ; generally slow and full, alternating with small and frequent heats.

[100] Coldness and chilliness in the morning and forenoon.

Chilliness, with desire for heat, especially the sunshine.

Heat internally and externally, with great nervousness.

Heat, with profuse perspiration.

Perspiration day and night, as soon as one closes the eyes and goes to sleep.

[105] Perspiration at night and in the morning, smelling offensively, and causing biting on the skin.


Swelling of the glands, with tingling and stitches after contusions and bruises.

Humid tetters.

Blackish ulcers, with bloody, foetid, ichorous discharges, especially after contusions.

Petechiae (in old persons).

[110] Urticaria, from violent bodily exercise.


Especially suitable for old men.

Most symptoms appear while at rest, especially at night and in periodical attacks ; some, when walking in the open air.

Bad effects from suppressed sexual desire, or from excessive indulgence.

The glands are much affected by contusions and bruises ; hard swelling.

[115] Aggravation, during eating, while standing, while lying down (cough), while at rest, when lifting the affected part, from masturbation.

Amelioration in the dark ; from letting the affected limb hang down, from moving, when walking.