Coffea cruda.

Mind and Disposition.

Over-sensitiveness ; weeping mood.

Great anguish ; cannot be composed ; is not able to hold the pen ; trembles.

Sentimental ecstasy ; excited imagination ; increased power to think.

Excessive weeping and lamentations over trifles.

[5] The pains seem insupportable, driving to despair.

Fright from sudden pleasant surprises.


Congestion of blood to the bead, especially after a pleasant surprise.

Headache, as if the brain were torn or dashed to pieces.

In the vertex he feels and hears a cracking, when sitting quietly.

[10] One-sided headache, as from a nail driven into the head ; worse when walking in the open air.


Eyes look reddish ; the power of vision is increased ; can read small writing more distinctly.


Music has a shrill sound to the ears.

Sense of hearing more acute.


The sense of smell is more acute.

[15] Bleeding from the nose.


Dry heat in the face, with red cheeks.

Mouth and Teeth.

Toothache, with restlessness, anguish and weeping mood, especially at night and after a meal.

Toothache, relieved by cold water.

Swelling and painfulness of the throat ; worse when swallowing.

Appetite and Taste.

[20] Increased hunger, with rapid, hurried eating.

Nightly thirst, which wakens him.

Taste more acute.

Sweetish taste in the mouth.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Colic, as if the stomach had been overloaded, as if the abdomen would burst ; cannot suffer the clothes to be tight on the abdomen.

[25] Pressure in the abdomen as from incarcerated flatulence.

Stool and Anus.

Diarrhoea, during dentition.

Urinary Organs.

Emission of large quantity of urine (midnight).

Sexual Organs.

Men. The sexual organs are very much excited without emission of semen, and with dry heat of the body.

Women. Labor and after-pains insupportably painful.

Respiratory Organs.

[30] Oppression of the chest, obliged to take short inspirations ; the breathing heaves the chest visibly.

Short, dry cough, as from constriction of the larynx.

Night cough (cough with measles).


The pains are felt intensely, driving to despair, and inclination to weep.

He feels unusually well.

[35] Twitching of the limbs.

Great movability of all the muscles.


Sleeplessness, from over-excitability of mind and body (sleeplessness of lying-in women).


Chilliness, increased by every movement.

Internal chilliness, with external heat of the bee and body.

[40] Chills running down the back.

Dry heat in the evening after going to bed, with chilliness in the back.

Nightly, dry heat, with delirium.

Perspiration on the face, with internal chilliness.


Eruptions (measles), with over-excitability and weeping.


[45] Bad effects from sudden, pleasurable surprise.

Aversion to the open air, which aggravates the symptoms.

Bad effects from wine-drinking, taking cold, and excessive exaltation.

Amelioration by cold water (odontalgia).