Coccus cacti.

Mind and Disposition.

Ill-humored, irritable.


Giddiness ; the head feels dull, as if he had drank too much, with a white-coated tongue.

Congestion of blood to the head when entering a warm room ; better in the open air.


Sensation as if a foreign body were lodged between the eyelid and the eye.

[5] Sensation as if the edges of the eyelids were swollen.


Sudden violent stitch in the left internal ear, extending to the left side of the neck and into the sternum.

Intolerable itching in the left ear.


Dryness of the nose with inclination to sneeze.

Swelling of the nose, with itching, violent sneezing and increased secretion of mucus.

[10] Redness of the edges of the nostrils.

Crusts on the edges of the nostrils.

Mouth and Throat.

Sensation as if cold air were blown on the teeth.

Great soreness of the teeth to contact.

Scraping and dryness in the throat.

[15] Sweetish, metallic taste in the mouth.

Dry, brown-coated tongue.

Stitches and burning in the throat and on the tongue.

Swelling and redness of the right tonsil.

Sensation as if the palate were elongated, with continuous hawking.

[20] Swelling of the tonsils, with continuous desire to swallow, and sensation as if a plug were lodged in the throat.

Appetite and Taste.

Desire to cat often and much at a time.

Sensation of hunger, with colic.

Canine hunger.

After dinner much thirst, and when he drinks water then chill.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[25] Spasmodic empty eructations.


Sensation as if something indigestible were lying in the stomach.

Nausea and vomiting ; vomiting of mucus.

Stitches in the pit of the stomach when inhaling.

[30] Fulness in the abdomen, as if he had eaten too much, with swelling and tenderness of the pit of the stomach.

Stool and Anus.

During stool, burning in the rectum ; stitches in the rectum.

Itching at the anus, with tenesmus, from slight exertion.

Stitch from the anus, extending into the urethra.

Urinary Organs.

Stitches extending from the kidneys through the urethra into the bladder.

[35] Spasmodic pain in the bladder, with alternate coldness and heat.

Itching at the end of the urethra.

Great desire to urinate in the morning (with erection).

Frequent micturition.

The discharge of urine is slow, in small quantities, with violent burning pain.

[40] Red sediment like brick-dust.


Men. Genitals hot, red, swollen.

Sexual desire increased.

Women. Catamenia too early and too profuse.

Respiratory Organs.

Hoarse voice, with roughness and scraping sensation in the throat.

[45] Hawking and coughing, with increased thirst.

Cough, in a warm room ; better, in a cold room.

Periodical attacks of cough, with expectoration of mucus.

Hooping-cough ; nightly, periodical attacks of cough from tickling in the larynx, ending with expectoration of a large quantity of viscid, stringy mucus.

Morning cough ; first barking, dry cough, followed by the expectoration of viscid mucus ; the difficult expectoration causes vomiturition and vomiting.

[50] Cough, with expectoration of viscid, stringy, yellow, sour-tasting or reddish mucus.

The bronchial tubes are loaded with mucus.

Burning under the sternum.

In the chest sensation of heat, of soreness.

Sensation as if ever thing were pressed towards the heart.

[55] Heavy pressure in the region of the heart.


Upper. Sensation as if a fine glass splinter were sticking in the tips of the fingers, under the nails.

Lower. Violent stitches in the right hip-joint.

Hot swelling of the knees.

Pain in the right patella when walking.


[60] Frequent awaking during the night, with excitement as if he had taken too much coffee.

Great sleepiness (after dinner).

Vivid dreams.


Chilliness all day ; cold feet in the morning, with perspiration of the whole body.

Chill in the evening, with heat in the head, followed by general heat, and then perspiration all night, which relieves.

[65] Perspiration, when walking, on the lower extremities, in the morning.


Especially affects the mucous membranes.

Aggravation on from motion and heat (headache).