Cicuta virosa.

Mind and Disposition.

Moaning and howling.

Insanity, she does all sorts of absurd and foolish things, with heat of the body and longing for wine.

He confounds the present with the past.

He thinks himself a young child.

[5] Excited and apprehensive about the future.

Anxiety, sadly affected by sad tales.

Want of confidence in and dread of man, retires into solitude.


Giddiness, with falling forwards.

Vertigo, reeling, as if all the objects turned around him.

[10] Affections of the brain, from concussion of the brain.

Semi-lateral headache, as from congestion to the head ; relieved when sitting erect.

Compression from both sides of the head.

Feeling of looseness of the brain, as if it were shaken in walking ; early in the morning ; disappearing when thinking of the pain intensely.

The head is bent backward.

[15] The headache is relieved by sitting erect, or by emission of flatulence.

Burning, suppurating eruptions on the hairy scalp.


Contraction of the pupils.

Staring at one and the same object, which she is not able to distinguish correctly.

The objects appear double and black.

[20] Staring at an object, the head inclines forward ; is frequently bent back again, with twitching, trembling and tension in the neck while moving it.

When reading, the letters turn, and are surrounded with a colored areola, the same as the light.

Twitching of the orbicularis muscle.


Sore pain behind the ear, as after a blow.

Haemorrhage from the ears.

[25] Detonation in the right ear when swallowing.

Hardness of hearing.

Burning, suppurating eruption on and around the ears.


Yellow discharge from the nose.

Scurfs in the nostrils.

[30] Frequent sneezing, without coryza.

Face, Mouth and Throat.

Deadly paleness of the face, with coldness of the face and hands.

Red face.

Burning suppurating, confluent eruptions on the face.

Thick, honey-colored scurf on the chin, upper lip, and lower portion of the cheeks, (milk crust), burning, soreness and oozing, accompanied with swelling of the submaxillary glands, and insatiable appetite.

[35] Painful, burning, ulcerated lips.

Grinding of the teeth.

Lock-jaw, the teeth pressing firmly against one another.

Foam in and at the mouth.

Swelling of the tongue ; white, painful, burning ulcers on the edges of the tongue.

[40] Speech difficult ; when talking, he feels a jerk in the head from before backwards, as if he had to swallow the word, as in hiccough.

Inability to swallow ; the throat appears to be closed, and feels bruised when touched externally, (with eructations).

Stomach and Abdomen.

Great desire for coal.

Continual hunger and appetite, even shortly after a meal.

Violent thirst (during the spasms).

[45] Nausea in the morning and when eating.


Vomiting of blood.

Vomiting, alternating with tonic spasms in the pectoral muscles and distortion of the eyes ; (the vomiting does not relieve the lock-jaw).

Burning pressure at the stomach and abdomen.

[50] Swelling and throbbing in the pit of the stomach.

Colic, with convulsions (in children from worms).

Distention and painfulness of the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Frequent liquid stools.

Itching in the rectum, with burning pain after friction.

Urinary Organs.

[55] Frequent micturition ; the urine is propelled with great force.

Involuntary emission of urine.

Genital Organs.

Men. Sore, drawing pain under the penis as far as the glans, obliging one to urinate.

Women. Menses delayed.

Spasms during parturition.


[60] Want of breath, caused by tonic spasms of the pectoral muscles.

Tightness in the chest ; she is scarcely able to breathe all day.

Burning in the chest.

Sensation of soreness (as if bruised) at the lower end of the sternum (when walking).


Tension in the muscles of the neck ; if he turns the head, he cannot easily turn it back again.

[65] Tonic spasms in the neck.

Tonic spasms of the cervical muscles.


Upper. Deadness of the fingers.

The veins on the hands are enlarged.

Jerking in the left arm all day.

[70] Frequent involuntary jerking and twitching in the arms and fingers.

Lower. Painful feeling of stiffness and rigidity in the muscles of the lower limbs.

Violent trembling of the left leg.

The feet turn inwards when walking.

Spasms in the muscles, especially of the neck and chest.

[75] Twitchings of the extremities.

Tonic spasms.

Epileptic convulsions and epilepsy.

Sensation on many parts of the body, as from a bruise.


Vivid dreams, which cannot be recollected.

[80] Frequent waking with profuse general perspiration, which relieves very much.


Pulse weak, slow, trembling.

Chill and chilliness, with desire to go to the warm stove.

The chilliness begins in the chest and extends down the legs and into the arms, with staring.

Heat only internally.

[85] Perspiration at night (in the morning hours), principally on the abdomen.


Burning, itching.

Suppurating eruptions, with yellow scurf and burning pain.

Swelling of the neck, arising from wounding the oesophagus with a splinter (bone) or similar sharp body.


Worm complaints in children, with convulsions.

[90] Aggravations from concussions (brain).