Capsicum annuum.

Mind and Disposition.

Peevish, easily offended.

Home-sickness, with redness of the cheeks and sleeplessness.


Vertigo and giddiness, especially during the cold stage of the intermittent fever if the head would burst, with fulness.

Pressing headache, as if the head would burst, with fulness, nausea, and vomiting ; worse in the evening, -from moving the head,- when walking in the cold air ; better when lying with the head high, and from heat.

[5] One-sided headache, pressing, with nausea and vomiting ; worse from moving the head and eyes.

Darting pain through the head ; worse during rest ; better from moving about.


Burning in the eyes, (in the morning), with redness and lachrymation.

Objects appear black when brought before the eyes, (incipient amaurosis).


Swelling behind the ears, painful to the touch.

[10] Hardness hearing after previous burning and stinging in the ear.


Bleeding from the nose, in the morning in bed.


Redness of the cheeks, (without heat often changing to paleness.

Dull pressing pain in the cheek bone, excited by touching the parts.

Swollen, cracked lips.

[15] Lips peel off ; burning of the lips.

Mouth and Throat.

Burning blisters in the mouth.


Fetid odor from the mouth.

Spasmodic contraction of the throat.

Inflammation, with dark redness and burning of the throat.

The pain in the throat is worse between the acts of deglutition.

Appetite and Taste.

[20] Unnaturally increased appetite, alternated with aversion to food.

Taste sour.


Stomach and Abdomen.

Burning in the stomach, (after eating).

Distention of the abdomen, with suffocative arrest of breathing.

[25] Colic from flatulence.

Painless rumbling in the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Dysentery ; stools of bloody mucus with tenesmus, and strangury.

Diarrhoea at night, with burning at the anus.

Haemorrhoidal tumors, with burning, (bleeding).

Urinary Organs.

[30] Strangury, with tenesmus of the bladder.

Spasmodic contraction of the neck of the bladder.

Burning while urinating.

Discharge of blood from the urethra, which is painful to the touch.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Impotence, with coldness of the scrotum.

[35] Purulent discharge from the urethra.

Dwindling of the testes.


Oppressed breathing appearing to come from the abdomen, or from fulness of the chest.

Asthma with redness of the face, eructation and sensation at ; if the chest were extended.

Deep breathing, almost like a sigh.

[40] Dry, hard cough in the evening and at night, with pain in distant parts, (stitches in the bladder, pain in the know or legs, ears, throat).

When coughing, he exhales fetid smelling air.


Aversion to exercise.

Phlegmatic temperament, and relaxed fibres.


Pulse irregular, and often intermitting.

[45] Chill almost always with violent thirst worse after drinking.

Heat, with perspiration, and no thirst.

Perspiration after the chill, without previous heat.

On the upper part of the legs cold perspiration.


Sensation over the whole body, as if the parts would go to sleep.


[50] Stiffness and painfulness of all the joints when beginning to move.

Cracking of all the joints, (finger joints, knee).

Most complaints are aggravated from eating and drinking ; are most severe on beginning to exercise ; and axe relieved or ameliorated by continued exercise.