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Mind and Disposition.

Inclination to he angry -to bite.


Giddiness, with heaviness of the head.

Headache in the forehead and on the vertex ; the parts are tender to the touch, especially in the evening.

[5] One-sided headache (right side) relieved by bleeding of the nose.

Headache, after breakfast.

Headache, aggravated by light and noise ; accompanied by cold feet and palpitation of the heart.

Profuse perspiration on the head.


Eyes red, injected -itching, swollen.

[10] Appearance of objects as if there were a veil before the eyes.


Sneezing in the evening when going to bed.

Bleeding of the nose relieving the headache.


Pimples on the upper lip, with coryza.

Momentary hot flushes of the face.

[15] Erysipelas.

Mouth and Tongue.


Black tongue.

Fetid odor from the mouth.


[20] Mucus descends from the nose into the posterior nares.

Dryness in the throat, impeding deglutition (morning).

Appetite and Taste.

Desire for sugar-water.

Sensation, as if he would faint from emptiness in stomach.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Eructations, as from rotten eggs.

Vomiting, after drinking.

[25] After eating, irresistible sleepiness.

Colic pain after drinking milk, and after smoking tobacco.

Stool and Anus.

Stools white.

Constipation, with coldness of the body and hot head.

Haemorrhoidal tumors, with discharge of bright-red blood.

Urinary Organs.

[30] Frequent discharge of pale urine.

Urine brown ; of offensive odor.

Burning pain in the kidneys, with oppressed breathing and faintiness.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Inclination to touch the genitals.

Women. Menstruation too early -with headache.

Larynx and Chest.

[35] Cough, from stitches in the larynx.

Sensation, as if the chest and the heart were constricted.

Stitches in the chest (right side).

Palpitation of the heart, after a meal, with nausea.


Upper. The arms go to sleep easily.

[40] Large blisters in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Panaritium, swelling blue-black around the nail (thumb), followed by suppuration.

After a slight contusion of the (little) finger, tearing pain, with redness along the whole arm, following the lymphatic vessels into the arm-pit ; causing there painful glandular swellings.

Lower. Cramps in the legs, awaking him from his sleep.

Great weakness of the legs.


[45] Great weakness -fainting.

Swelling of the whole body.

Twitching of the muscles.


Epilepsy (after fright).


Sleepiness, after meals.

[50] Inclined to lie on the left side.

Sleepiness when he smokes tobacco in the forenoon.


Heat, with apathy or delirium, and cold feet.


Yellow color of the skin.

Small wounds suppurate much.

[55] Carbuncles.

Ulcers, with burning pains.


Aggravation, morning or evening.

The warm room is unpleasant.