Mind and Disposition.

Cheerful mind ; desire for mental labor.

Low-spirited, and out of humor.

Crying and lamentation, with hoarse voice.


Headache after drinking milk.

[5] Pain over the left eye.



Lachrymation (right eye) with swelling of the tear-gland.

Darting through the eyes, (left).

Dilatation of the pupils.

[10] Flashes before the eyes.

Protruded eyes.


Swelling and hardness of the (left) parotid gland.


Soreness in the nose, with scurfs.

Bleeding of the nose, relieving the chest.

[15] Coryza, with sneezing ; the margins of the nose, and the parts under the noise, are corroded, with stoppage of the nose.


Paleness of the face.

Heat in the cheek ; first in the right, later in the left.

Mouth and Throat.

Ptyalism ; much frothy mucus in the mouth.

Inflammation of the throat, with net-like redness and corroded places.

[20] Burning from the mouth to the stomach.

Stinging in the tip of the tongue.

Heat in the mouth and oesophagus.

Appetite and Taste.

Desire for acids ; and diarrhoea from taking them.

Water tastes saltish.

Stomach and Abdomen.

[25] Vomiting of bloody mucus.

Nausea and retching ; better after eating.

Feeling of emptiness in the stomach ; better after eating.

Feeling of heaviness in the stomach, (inflammation of the stomach).

Enlargement and induration of the spleen.

Stool and Anus.

[30] Diarrhoea ; stools yellow, green, black.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Swelling and induration of the (left) testicle, with sore pain, or sensation of coldness.

Swelling of the scrotum, (with chronic gonorrhoea).

Women. Loud emissions of flatulency from the vagina.

During the menses, pain in the abdomen and in the small of the back.

Larynx and Throat.

[35] Hoarseness, aphonia ; worse in the evening.

Soreness and roughness in the throat.

Tickling in the trachea during an inspiration.

Dry, spasmodic, wheezing cough, with rattling breathing.

Cough rough, barking, from tickling in the throat.

[40] Violent oppression of the chest, as from the vapors of sulphur.

Sensation of weakness in the chest.

Tightness of the chest, (asthma).

Stitches in the chest, (inflammation of the lungs, right side).

Violent palpitation of the heart ; she cannot lie on the left side.

Neck and Back.

[45] Goitre.

Two encysted tumors on both sides of the neck.

The left side of the neck is stiff and painful.


Excessive languor and debility, (worse after breakfast).

Tremulousness all over.


[50] Irresistible drowsiness while reading.


Pulse much accelerated.

Chill on alternate days, with cold feet.

Internal burning heat.

Perspiration from the least exertion.


[55] Swelling and induration of the glands, (thyroid, testes, sub-maxillary, parotid).



Aggravation in the evening till midnight ; in the warm room ; and when at rest.

Amelioration from motion, riding on horseback.

More suitable for persons with light hair and blue eyes.