Aurum foliatum.

Mind and Disposition.

Melancholy mood, dejected, inclined to weep, and longing to die.

Excessive anguish, increasing even to self-destruction.

The least contradiction excites his wrath.

Alternate peevishness and cheerfulness.


[5] Congestions to and heat in the head, with sparks before the eyes, and glossy bloatedness of the face, aggravated from every mental exertion.

Sensation, as if a current of air were rushing through the head, if it be not kept warm.

The bones of the skull are painful, especially when lying down.

Exostosis on the head.


Protruded eyes.

[10] Vertical half-sight.

Fiery sparks before the eyes.


Caries of the mastoid process.

Fetid otorrhoea.

Roaring in the ears.


[15] Caries of the nose.

Discharge of fetid pus from the nose.

Fetid odor from the nose.

Very sensitive smell.


Bloated, shining face.

[20] Swelling of the cheeks.

Inflammation of the bones of the face.

Painful swelling of the sub-maxillary glands.

Mouth and Throat.

Putrid smell from the mouth, as of old cheese.

Caries of the palate, especially after the abuse of mercury.


[25] Immoderate appetite and thirst, with qualmishness in the stomach.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; stool very large in size, or very hard or knotty.

Nightly diarrhoea, with burning in the rectum.

Urinary Organs.

Painful retention of urine, with pressure in the bladder.

He passes more urine than corresponds to the quantity he drinks.

Sexual Organs.

[30] Men. Induration of the testes.

Swelling of the (lower part) of the testicle (right).

Sexual desire increased.

Women. Prolapsus and induration of the uterus.


Suffocative attacks, with suffocative oppression of the chest.

[35] Anxious palpitation of the heart from congestion to the chest.


Over-sensitiveness to all pain, and to the cold air.

Hysterical spasms, with laughing and crying, alternately.

Great ebullitions, with congestions to the head and chest, and palpitation of the heart.


Sleepiness after dinner.

[40] Frightful dreams -he sobs aloud when asleep.


Pulse mall, but accelerated.

Chilliness predominates -coldness of the hands and feet, sometimes lasting all night.

Heat, only in the face.

Perspiration in the morning-hours ; the strongest on and around the genitals.


[45] Ulcers (after the abuse of mercury) which attack the bones.

Inflammation of the bones-caries (palate and nasal bones).


Bad effects from the misuse of mercury.

Paralytic drawing-in of the limbs in the morning, when awaking, and on getting cold.

Pain in the bones, at night.

[50] Aggravation in the morning ; on getting cold ; while reposing.

Amelioration, from moving ; while walking ; and on getting warm.