Arsenicum album.

Mind and Disposition.

Anguish, driving one out of bed at night, and from one place to another in the day-time.


Great fear of death, and of being left alone.


He finds no rest, especially at night, with anguish.

[5] Anger with anxiety, restlessness and sensation of coldness.

Madness ; loss of mind (from the abuse of alcoholic drinks).



Tearing in the head, with vomiting, when raising up the head.

Headache (after meals) relieved by applying cold water, or by walking in the open air.

[10] Periodical headaches.

The scalp is tender to the touch.

Eruptions, white, dry, like bran ; burning, itching on the forepart of the head ; when scratching it burns and bleeds violently.

Burning biting boils on the scalp, with sensitiveness to touch and cold.

Erysipelatous burning, swelling of the head (face and genitals) with great weakness and coldness ; worse at night.


[15] Inflammation of the eyes and lids, with severe burning pains.

Inflammation of the inner surface of the eyelids, preventing the opening of the eye.

Excessive photophobia.

Specks or ulcers on the cornea.


Hardness of hearing -he cannot hear the human voice.

[20] Roaring in the ears (accompanying every attack of pain).


Swelling of and burning in the nose.

Ulcers in the nose (cancer of the nose).

Profuse, fluent coryza of sharp, burning, excoriating water, with hoarseness and sleeplessness.

Peeling off of the epidermis.


[25] Puffiness of the face, especially around the eyes.

Color pale, like earth, yellowish, (blue rings around the eyes).

Distorted features ; death-like countenance.

Drawing stitches here and there in the face.

Burning face-ache.

[30] Crusta lactea.

Cancer of the face and lips, with burning pain.

Exanthema around the mouth.

Lips black, dry, and cracked.


Toothache at night, extending to the ear and temple, worse when lying on the affected side, better from the heat of the stove.

[35] Grinding of the teeth.

Gums bleeding.

Mouth and Throat.

The mouth is reddish-blue, inflamed, burning.

Secretion of abundant tough, fetid, bloody saliva.

Aphthae, stomacace.

[40] Tongue dry, brown, black, cracked.

Swelling, inflammation, or gangrene of the tongue.

Ulceration of the tongue, with blue color.

Painful, difficult deglutition (constriction) of the oesophagus.

Burning in the throat.

[45] Angina gangrenosa, (with aphthae).

Appetite and Taste.

Violent, unquenchable, burning thirst, with frequent drinking, with but little at a time.

Longing for cold water, acids, or alcoholic drinks.

Aversion to food, loathing the thought of eating.

Bitter taste in the mouth after eating and drinking.


[50] Vomiting of the ingesta, (after each meal), after drinking ; of a brown substance with violent pain in the stomach ; of a black substance ; of blood ; of a green substance ; with diarrhoea after drinking the least quantity.

Great painfulness and anxiety in the pit of the stomach and stomach.

Burning in the pit of the stomach and stomach.

Inflammation or induration of the stomach.

Cramp in the stomach, (2 A.M.).


[55] Hard, bloated abdomen.

Burning pains, with anguish.

Sensation of coldness, (upper part).

Induration of the mesenteric glands.

Painful swelling and induration of the inguinal glands.

[60] Ulcers about the navel.


Stool and Anus.

Burning stools, with violent pains in the bowels, with tenesmus, thirst, worse after eating.

Stools acrid, burning, consisting of mucus ; black, bloody, offensive, watery and painless, involuntary.

In the rectum and anus, burning and soreness.

[65] Prolapsus ani.

Haemorrhoidal tumors, with burning pain.

Urinary Organs.

Suppressed or difficult micturition. (Paralysis of the bladder).

Urine bloody, burning.

Involuntary discharge of burning urine.

Sexual Organs.

[70] Men. Painful swelling of the genitals, and gangrene.

Blue-red swelling of the glans, with rhagades.

Erysipelatous inflammation of the scrotum.

Women. Catamenia too early, and too profuse.

Leucorrhoea acrid, corroding.

[75] Scirrhus uteri.

Respiratory Organs.

Dryness, burning, and constriction in the larynx.

Bronchitis, with difficult secretion of mucus.

Respiration oppressed, anxious, short.

Oppressed, labored breathing, especially when ascending a height ; in cold air ; when turning in bed.

[80] Suffocating spells in the evening, when lying down.

Constriction of the chest, with anguish ; worse when moving.

Chilliness or coldness in the chest.

Heat, burning, itching in the chest.

Stitches and pressing in the sternum.

[85] Cough, without expectoration, especially after drinking or eating ; when lying down ; during a walk in the cold air.

Cough, with arrest of breathing ; with tough mucus in the chest ; with expectoration of frothy mucus in lumps, or tasting salty ; in day-time, without expectoration at night.

Periodically returning cough, (hooping-cough), from burning-tickling in the pharynx.

Haemoptysis at night, with burning heat over the whole body.

Palpitation of the heart, especially at night, with great anguish.


[90] Burning in the back.

Sensation of weakness, as if bruised in the small of the back.


Upper. Rheumatic pains from the elbow up to the shoulder, worse at night.

Swelling of the arm, with putrid smelling, black blisters.

Burning ulcers on the tips of the fingers.

[95] Sensation of swelling and fulness in the palms of the hands at night.

Soreness between the fingers.

Nails discolored.

Lower. Tearing and stinging in the hips, legs, and loins.

Tearing in the tibia.

[100] Old ulcers on lower limbs, with burning and lancinating pains.

Ulcers on the soles of the feet and toes.

Swelling of the feet, hard, burning, shining, with red spots, or blue-black blisters.

Itching herpes in the bends of the knee.



[105] Paralysis, especially of the lower extremities.

Trembling of the limbs (in drunkards).

Sudden sinking of strength.

Fainting, from weakness, with scarcely perceptible pulse.

Burning pains of inner or exterior parts (glands).

[110] Tearing pain in the arms and legs, which do not permit one to lie on the painful side, but which are relieved by moving the affected part.

Dropsy of internal and external parts.



Starting of the limbs when on the point of filling asleep.

Sleeplessness, from anguish and restlessness, with tossing about (after midnight).

[115] Sleep anxious, unquiet.


Pulse frequent in the morning, slower in the evening.

Pulse small, contracted, frequent, weak, tremulous or intermittent.

General coldness, with parchment-like dryness of the skin, or with profuse, cold, clammy perspiration.

Chilliness, without thirst ; worse after drinking ; with stretching of the limbs and restlessness ; with external heat at the same time ; when walking in the open air.

[120] Internal heat, burning dry, with anxiousness at night.

Intermittent fever, chill (in the afternoon) followed by dry, evening heat, and later sweat.

Thirst only during the hot stage, drinks often, but little at a time.

During the fever, great restlessness and anxiety, pain in the bones, small of the back, forehead ; nausea, difficulty of breathing.

Perspiration at the beginning of sleep, or all night ; cold, clammy, smelling sour or offensive.

[125] During perspiration, unquenchable thirst ; after the fever, attack of headache.

The concomitant complaints are more developed during the chill and fever.


Dry, burning heat -dryness- like parchment.

Swelling -blue-black- dropsical.

[130] Petechiae.

White miliary eruptions.


Red pustules, changing to ichorous, crusty, burning and spreading ulcers.

Vesicular eruptions.

[135] Exanthema, black, pock-shaped, gangrenous.

Carbuncles (burning).

Herpes, with vesicles, and violently burning, especially a night, or with coverings like fish-scales.

Ulcers, hard on the edges, stinging, burning, spongy ; with proud flesh ; turning black ; flat ; pus thin, ichorous (cancers).



[140] Cannot rest in any place ; changing his position continually ; wants to go from one bed to another, and lies now here, and now there.

Attacks of pains, with chilliness.

Periodical complaints.

Attacks of pain, driving one to despair, and even to madness.

The pains are felt during sleep.

[145] Bad effects from poisoning, with anthrax, and other noxious substances (dissecting wounds).

Aggravation, at night, after midnight, (1 A.M.).

From cold in general.

After drinking (wine or alcoholic drinks).

From cold food (ice-cream).

From milk.

While lying on the affected side, or with the head low.

Amelioration. From heat in general.

From lying with the head high.