Argentum nitricum.

Mind and Disposition.

Very impulsive ; in continual motion ; he walks fast.



Vertigo, with headache.

Morning headache, (when he awakens).

[5] Excessive congestion of blood to the head.

Stitches in the left frontal eminence.

Digging up, incisive motion, through the left hemisphere of the brain.

Headache, with chilliness.

Headache relieved by tying a handkerchief tightly around the head.

[10] Headache worse in the open air.

Itching, creeping, crawling of the hairy scalp.

Sensation, as if the bones of the skull separated, with increase of temperature.


Mucus in the eyes drying up, and forming scurfs.

Vanishing of light ; to is constantly obliged to wipe off the mucus, which obstructs the axis of vision.

[15] Opacity of the cornea.

Ophthalmia, with intense pain ; worse in the warm room, better in the open air.


Ringing in the ears, and deafness, (left ear).


Violent itching of the nose.

Coryza, with chilliness, lachrymation, sneezing, and stupefying, headache.

[20] Discharge of pus, with clots of blood.


Sunken, pale, bluish countenance.

Hard blotches in the vermilion border of the upper lip, paler than the lip, and sore to the touch.

The lips are dry and viscid, without thirst.

The gums are swollen, inflamed, bleed easily, and are painful when touched.

[25] Sensitiveness of the teeth to cold water.


Dryness of the tongue with thirst.

Papillae prominent, erect, feeling sore.

Painful red tip of the tongue.

Fetid actor from the mouth.

[30] Ptyalism.


Dark redness of the uvula and fences.

Sensation, as if a splinter were lodged in the throat when swallowing.

Thick, tenacious mucus in the throat.

Appetite and Taste.

Irresistible desire for sugar in the evening.

[35] Sweetish-bitter taste.


Violent belching.

Violent vomiting, with anxiety in the praecordial region.

Black vomit.

Vomiting and diarrhoea with violent colicky pains.

[40] Gnawing pain in the left side of the stomach.

Pressure, with heaviness and nausea in the stomach.


Stitches through the abdomen, like electric shocks, (left side).

Stool and Anus.

Diarrhoea of green, fetid mucus, with very noisy emission of flatulence at night.

Bloody stools.

[45] Constipation, faeces dry.

Itching at the anus.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent and copious emission of pale urine.

Inflammation, and violent burning or shooting pains in the urethra, with increased gonorrhoea.

Priapism, bleeding of the urethra.

[50] Stricture of the urethra.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Chancre-like ulcer on the prepuce.

Sexual desire wanting, the genital organs having become shrivelled.


Palpitation of the heart in paroxysm, with nausea.


Pain in the small of the back relieved when standing or walking.

Lower Extremities.

[55] Heaviness and debility of the legs.

Great debility and weariness in the calf of the leg, as after a long journey.


Staggering gait.

Great debility and weariness, (lower limbs).


[60] Epileptic attacks caused by fright, or during menstruation, (at night, or in the morning when rising).

Sensation of expansion, (face and head).


Soporous condition.

Nightly nervousness, with heat in the head.

Restless sleep, with stupefaction and headache.


[65] Chilliness, with nausea.

Morning perspiration.


Wart-shaped excrescences on the skin.

Discoloration of the skin -blue-gray, violet or bronze- colored tinges, to real black.