Apis mellifica.

Mind and Disposition.

Restlessness, continually changing his occupation.

Delirium, (after suppressed scarlet eruption).

Awkwardness, he breaks every thing.

Jealousy, (in women).

[5] Giddiness when sitting, standing, lying, when closing the eyes, with nausea and headache.

Congestion to the head, with suppressed menstruation.

Pressing pain in the forehead and temples ; worse when rising, and in a warm bed, relieved by pressing the forehead together.

The brain feels tired.

Hydrocephalus in children, and apoplexy in old persons.

[10] Hydrocephalus, with copious perspiration of the head, torpor, delirium interrupted by sudden shrill cries, boring of the head deep into the pillows, squinting, grinding of the teeth, urine scanty, (milky), twitching on one side of the body, while the other is paralyzed.


Sensation of mucus in the eyes.

Twitching of the eyeballs.

Inflammation of the eye, with intense photophobia and creased secretions.


[15] Å’dematous swelling of the eyelids.


Redness and swelling of both ears.


Burning, stinging heat in the face, with purple color.

Erysipelas of the face.

Å’dematous swelling of the face.

Mouth and Throat.

[20] Swelling of the lips, especially the upper lip.

Dry, swollen, inflamed tongue, with inability to swallow.

White, dry tongue, (with diarrhoea).

Fetid breath, (with paroxysms of headache).

Tough, frothy saliva.

[25] Dryness in the throat, without thirst.

Burning, stinging in the throat.

Inflammation of the throat, with swelling, redness, and stinging pains.

Ulcerated sore throat, (in scarlet fever, when the eruption does not come out).

Appetite and Taste.

Thirstlessness, (with dropsy).

Stomach and Abdomen.

[30] Vomiting of bile.

Vomiting, with inflammation of the stomach.

Vomiting, with diarrhoea.

Sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to touch.

Violent pain and sensitiveness in the region of the stomach.

[35] Great sensitiveness of the abdomen to the touch.

Sensation of fulness and distention of the abdomen.

Stool and Anus.

Diarrhoea, yellowish-green, with mucus, especially in morning.

Stools smelling very offensively.

After stool, tenesmus and discharge of blood.

[40] Diarrhoea and vomiting.

Swelling of the anus.

Haemorrhoids, with stinging pains.

Urinary Organs.


Urine scanty and high-colored.

[45] Too profuse discharge of urine.

Burning and smarting in the urethra, as if it were scalded.

Burning and stinging in the urethra.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Sexual desire increased.

Swelling of the testicles.

[50] Women. Inflammation, induration, swelling and dropsy of the ovaries (right).

Sharp, cutting, stinging pain in the swollen ovary ; worse during menstruation.

Pressing-down pain in the uterus.

Dropsy of the uterus.

Menstruation suppressed or diminished, with congestion to the head.

[55] Abortion.

Respiratory Organs.

Hoarseness, in the morning.

Oppression of the chest, shortness of breath, especially when ascending ; inability to remain in a warm room.

Asthma ; worse in cold weather.

Sensation of soreness in the chest, as from a bruise.

[60] Hydrothorax.

Cough, after lying down and sleeping.


Upper. Hands bluish, and inclined to be cold.

Lower. Cold legs.

Å’dematous swelling of the feet, ankles and legs.

Suppressed perspiration of the feet.


[65] Great debility, as if he had worked hard ; he is obliged to lie down.

Burning, stinging pains.

Great sensitiveness to touch and pressure (abdomen).

Tension (over the eyes in the left side of the head) behind ears, in the neck.

Sensation of soreness under the ribs.


[70] Sleep disturbed by many dreams.

Sleep, late in the morning.

Awakens from sleep with a shrill shriek (child suffering from hydrocephalus).


Pulse full and rapid -small and trembling- intermitting.

Chill, mostly towards the evening (3-4 P.M.).

[75] Chilliness from the least movement, with heat of the face and hands.

Dry heat towards the evening, with sleepiness.

The sensation of heat is more felt about the pit of the stomach and in the chest.

Perspiration, alternating with dryness of the skin.

After the fever paroxysm, sleep.


[80] Å’dematous swellings.


Carbuncles, with burning, stinging pains.


Scarlet eruptions.

[85] Panaritium (burning, stinging).


Aggravation. In the morning (restlessness, mucus in the mouth, diarrhoea).

In the evening (giddiness, headache, pain in the eyes, toothache, hoarseness, cough, chills and fever).

At night (eyes and chest).

From heat, especially in the warm room.

Amelioration. Cold water relieves the pain, swelling and burning.

Pressing together relieves the headache.