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Mind and Disposition.

Easily frightened, and starts.


Tension in the temporal muscles when opening the mouth.


The eyelids are spasmodically opened.

Dimness before the eyes from obscuration of the cornea, (in the morning).


[5] Heat and bluish redness of the face.

Tension in the muscles of the face.

Lock-jaw ; the lips are drawn back, showing the teeth.

After the attacks, the lips and cheeks remain blue for some time.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Aversion to solid food, but irresistible desire to drink coffee.

[10] Thirst, without desire to drink.

Painful tension in the pit of the stomach and abdomen.

Sexual Organs.

Violent itching on the male organs, especially on the tip of the glans penis.

Respiratory Organs.

Intermitting spasmodic breathing.

Dry cough, with scraping and rattling of mucus in the chest.

[15] Hoarseness from mucus in the trachea.

Painful spasm in the pectoral muscles.

Painful sensitiveness of the chest, even to the slightest touch.


Painful stiffness in the neck, and between the shoulder-blades.

Upper Extremities.

Cramp-like drawing, down the arm to the fingers.

Lower Extremities.

[20] Drawing in the limbs, with soreness.

Pain on the inner side of the ankle, when walking, causing limping.


Weakness of the whole body, as if the marrow of the bone were stiff.

The spinal marrow and the exterior muscles are principally affected.

Stiffness and stretching of the limbs.

[25] Twitching and jerking along the back, like electric shocks.

Spasmodic twitching.

Tetanic spasms, caused by contact, noise, or the drinking of lukewarm water ; cheeks and lips become blue ; the breathing is labored during the spasms, groaning dad closing of the eyes, lips wife open, drawn up and down ; exposing the teeth.


[30] Cracking of the joints.


Pulse accelerated, spasmodic, irregular at times, intermitting.

Chill, in the morning and forenoon, preceded by thirst.

Violent chill every afternoon (at 3 o'clock).

Repeated chilliness over the affected parts.

[35] Heat in the evening, after entering a room, after supper, mostly in the face, at 3 A.M., disturbing sleep, followed by chilliness.

Perspiration only in the morning, and on the forehead.


Caries and very painful ulcers, which affect the bones and pierce them to the marrow.


Aggravation, from touching the affected part.