Ammonium muriaticum.

Mind and Disposition.

Irritability and bad humor, especially in the morning, with disinclination to speak.


Giddiness, with fulness in the head.

Head feels too heavy and full ; more in the forehead, especially in the morning, after rising.


Burning in the eyes, at twilight : this disappears after lighting a candle.

[5] Dimness of sight, as if obscured by a fog.

Flying spots and points before the eyes.

Yellow spots before the eyes, while sewing.


Stitches in the ears.

Discharges of matter from the ears, with hardness of hearing.


[10] Coryza, with stoppage, great soreness and tenderness of the nose, and loss of smell.


The face is burning-hot in the room.

Dry, cracked lips, with blotches of the skin peeling of.

Mouth and Throat.

Stitches in the throat, when swallowing.

Burning blister on the tip of the tongue.

[15] Swelling of the sub-maxillary glands, with pulsating pains.


Much thirst, especially in the evening.

Hiccough, with stitches in the chest.

Stool and Anus.

Constipation ; stools hard, crumbling.

Diarrhoea, slimy, green.

[20] Before the stool, pain around the navel.

During stool, stitches in the anus.


Diminished secretion of urine.

Slow flow of urine ; more abundant during stool.

Frequent urination, especially towards morning.

[25] Sediment, like clay.

Sexual Organs.

Women. Menstruation too early and too profuse, with pain in the abdomen and small of the back ; continuing daring the night, when the menstrual discharge is more profuse.

During menstruation, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Fluor albus, like the white of an egg, preceded by pain around the navel.

Respiratory Organs.

Frequent hawking, with expectoration of mucus.

[30] Hoarseness, with burning in the larynx.

Dry cough in the morning, from tickling in the throat.

Cough at night, when lying on the back.

Cough aggravated by eating, drinking any thing cold, and when lying down.

Pressure, heaviness and stitches in the chest, sensation, as if a swallowed morsel had lodged in the chest.

[35] When breathing, stitches in the shoulder-blades.


Painful stiffness of the neck.

Intolerable pain in the small of the back, at night.

Coldness in the back, especially between the shoulders.

Upper Extremities.

Swelling and hardness of the axillary glands.

[40] The right arm is heavy and stiff.

Blisters on the wrist, forming scabs.

The skin peels of between the lingers.

Stitches and pulsations in the tips of the fingers, or tingling in them.

Lower Extremities.

Pain in the left hip, as if the tendons were too short, causing limping or pain as from dislocation.

[45] The muscles under the knee (hamstrings) feel too short when walking, with stiffness of the knee-joint.

Sensation of soreness and tearing in the heels.

The tips of the toes are very painful.

Coldness of the feet, especially in the evening, in bed.

Offensive perspiration of the feet.

[50] Ebullitions, with anxiety and weakness, as if paralyzed.

Tension in the joints, as from shortening of the muscles.

Burning, stinging, throbbing, as from a boil.

Sensation of soreness in different parts of the body.


Sleeplessness after midnight, from cutting pain in the abdomen, at 2 A.M. ; or from sneezing ; pain in the small of the back.


[55] Pulse much accelerated, day and night.

Heat, with red, bloated face ; worse in the warm room.

Frequent attacks of flushes of heat, followed by perspiration, which is more abundant on the face, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Perspiration moist profuse after midnight and in the morning, in bed.


Blisters, forming scabs.


[60] Many groups of symptoms are accompanied by cough.

In the hours of the morning, sensation of stiffness, which is relieved by walking in the open air.

Aggravation, of the heal and chest symptoms in the morning ; of the abdominal symptoms in the afternoon ; of the skin and fever symptoms in the evening.

Amelioration, in the open air.