Ammonium carbonicum.

Mind and Disposition.

Anxiety, with inclination to weep.

Forgetfulness, mistakes in writing and speaking.

Ill humor during wet, stormy weather.


Giddiness, especially in the morning, when sitting and reading ; better when walking.

[5] Pulsations, beating and pressing in the forehead, as if the head would burst ; worse after eating and while walking in the open air ; better from external pressure and in the warm room.


Burning of the eyes, with aversion to light.

Double vision.


Hardness of hearing, with itching and suppuration of the ear.


Discharge of sharp, burning water from the nose.

[10] Stoppage of the nose, especially at night ; he can only breathe through the mouth, with long-continued coryza.

Congestion of blood to the point of the nose, when stooping.


Pale, bloated face.

Itching eruptions, with soreness of the sub-maxillary glands.

Tetters around the mouth.

[15] The corners of the mouth and lips are sore, cracked, and burn.

Hard swelling of the (right) parotid gland.


Pricking pain, especially in the molar teeth ; worse when masticating or touching the decayed tooth with the tongue.

The edges of the teeth feel dull.

Aggravation from warm fluids during the menses.

[20] Looseness and rapid decay of the teeth.

Swollen, easily bleeding gums.


Vesicles on the tongue, at the tip, on the borders, burning, hindering eating and speaking.

Swelling of the internal mouth especially the inside of the cheeks.

Great dryness of the mouth and throat.


[25] When swallowing, sensation as of a foreign body in the throat.

Scraping and soreness in the throat.

Appetite and Taste.

He must drink while eating.

Much thirst.

Bitter taste in the morning.

[30] Longing for sugar.


Nausea and vomiting after each meal.

Heartburn after eating.

Sensitive painfulness of the stomach, even to the clothing.

Pressure in the stomach, and soreness at the pit of the stomach, after eating.

[35] Burning and heat in the stomach.

Pain, as from constriction in the stomach, with nausea, water-brash and chilliness (ameliorated by pressure and by lying down).

Stool and Anus.

Stool difficult, hard, knotty.

Haemorrhoidal tumors protruding before, during, and after stool.

Discharge of blood from the rectum, daring and after stool.

[40] Bleeding haemorrhoids.

Itching at the anus.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent desire to urinate, with continued pressure on the bladder.

Involuntary micturition at night, during sleep (morning).

Urine pale, with sandy sediment.

Sexual Organs.

[45] Men. Choking pains in the relaxed testicles.

Frequent involuntary seminal emissions.

Itching at the genitals, especially the scrotum.

Women. Itching, burning and swelling of the pudendum.

Menstruation too early, too scanty, and of too short duration.

[50] Menstruation too profuse, blood clotted, black, with colicky pains and hard, difficult stool.

During the menses, pain in the abdomen, toothache, backache, chilliness.

Fluor albus burning, acrid, watery.

Larynx and Trachea.

Hoarseness and inability to speak a loud word.

Cough at night ; every morning, at 3 o'clock, dry from tickling in the throat, as of dust.

[55] Cough, with spitting of blood, with previous sweet taste and with great dyspnoea.

Cough, with stitches in the small of the back.


Dyspnoea, with palpitation of the heart, especially when moving.

Stitches in the left side of the chest ; worse when lying on it.

Heaviness on the chest, as from congestion of blood to the chest.

[60] Burning and heat in the chest (hydrothorax).

Upper Extremities.

After washing in cold water, the hands look blue, and the veins are distended.

The fingers swell when the arm is hanging down.

Heaviness and loss of power of the right arm.

Pain in the wrist-joint, which had formerly been sprained.

[65] The skin peels off from the palms of the hands.

Lower Extremities.

Pain, as if bruised in the thighs.

Swelling and pain of the big toe in the evening.

Cramp in the calf of the leg, when walking.

Cramps in the soles of the feet.


[70] Debility, which compels one to lie down.

Great sensitiveness to cold, open air.

Drawing and tension, as from shortening of the muscles.

Inclination to stretch the limbs.

Pain, as from dislocation in the joints.

[75] Tearing in the joints relieved by the heat of the bed.

Pain, as from subcutaneous ulceration.

Burning (chest).


Sleepiness during the day.

Sleeplessness till 4 A.M., and when falling asleep, perspiration.


[80] Pulse hard, tense and frequent.

Chilliness. Attacks of chilliness in the evening.

Perspiration in the morning and during the day, mostly on the joints.


Violent itching, and burning blisters after scratching.

The upper part of the body is red, and covered with scarlet rash.

[85] Scarlet fever, with parotitis.

Desquamation of the skin (palms of the hands).


Aversion to moving about.

The right side of the body is more affected.

Speaking, and bearing others speak, affects him much.

[90] Aggravation in the evening, on bending down ; from wet poultices ; during wet weather ; from pressing the teeth together ; and re-appearance of some symptoms from washing (bleeding of the nose, blue hands, and swelling of the veins of the hands).

Amelioration, when lying on the stomach ; the right side ; the painful side ; from external pressure ; in the room ; from warmth ; in dry weather.