Ambra grisea.

Mind and Disposition.

Great restlessness.

Hastiness and nervous excitement when talking.

The fancy is crowded with fantastic illusions.

Aversion to talking and laughing.

[5] Embarrassed manner in society.

Despair, loathing of life.


Vertigo when walking in the open air, with weakness in the stomach.

Congestion of blood to the head, when listening to music.

Dartings in the head.

[10] Pressing pain in the forehead and vertex, with heat in the head, with pale face on alternate days, with fear of losing his senses.

The hair is sensitive to the touch, it falls out.

The scalp feels sore in the morning when waking : this is followed by a sensation of numbness, extending over the whole body.


Flushes of heat to the face.

Yellow color of the face.

[15] Spasmodic trembling and twitches of the facial muscles.

Cramp of the lower lip.


Offensive smell from the mouth, (in the morning).

Appetite and Taste.

Entire thirstlessness.


Sour eructations.

[20] Heartburn from drinking milk.


Sensation of coldness in the abdomen, (on one side only).

Pressure in the liver.

Pain in the spleen, as if something were torn off.

Stool and Anus.

Itching, smarting, and stinging at the anus.

Urinary Organs.

[25] Frequent micturition during the night, and in the morning after rising.

Increased secretion of urine, much more than the amount of fluid drank.

Urine, when passing, in turbid, brown, smelling sour.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Violent erections in the morning without sexual desire, with numbness in the parts.

Women. Violent itching, with swelling of the external parts.

[30] Menses too early, and too profuse.

Larynx and Trachea.

Hoarseness and roughness of the voice, with accumulation of thick, tough mucus, easily thrown off by coughing.

Itching, scraping, and soreness in the larynx and trachea.

Cough, with frequent eructations.

Spasmodic cough from tickling in the throat, with expectoration of yellowish, or grayish-white mucus, tasting salt or sour, in the morning ; without expectoration in the evening.


[35] Itching in the chest, and in the thyroid gland.

Oppression felt in the chest, and between the scapulae.

Asthma of old people, and of children.

Upper Extremities.

The arms go to sleep easily, especially when lying on them, or when carrying something in the hands.

Points of the fingers are shrivelled.

[40] Cramps in the hands sometimes, only when taking hold of any thing.

Itching in the palms of the hands.

Lower Extremities.

Cramps in the calves at night.

Sensation of contraction in the (right) thigh, the limb seems to he shortened.


Numbness of the whole body (externally) in the morning.

[45] Weakness in the morning, and at night, when awaking.

Spasms and twitches in the muscular parts.

Ebullitions and pulsations in the whole body, especially after walking in the open air.

Tearing in the muscles of the joints, often on one side, (from the small of the back through the right leg).


Disturbed by coldness of the body and twitchings of the limbs.


[50] Pulse, accelerated with ebullitions.

Chill, in the forenoon, with weakness and sleepiness, better after eating.

Heat. Flushes of heat flying, returning every fifteen minutes, worse towards evening.

Perspiration, at night, more on the affected side, and after midnight.

Perspiration from slight exertion, especially on the abdomen and on the thighs.


[55] Dry, itching, burning.

Burning herpes.

Suppressed eruptions.


One-sided complaints, (perspiration, tearing, numbness, sensation of coldness in the abdomen).

Especially suitable for lean or aged persons.

[60] Aggravation, in the evening ; while sleeping ; while lying in a warm place ; and on awaking.

Amelioration, when lying on the painful part ; after rising from the bed ; by slow motion in the open air.