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Mind and Disposition.

Easily offended.

Disposition to shed tears.

Anxious and full of fears.

Alternate vivacity and thoughtfulness.

[5] Great weakness of memory and inability to think coherently.


Reeling vertigo, as if he would fall over, with a faint feeling or nausea early in the morning, disappearing after breakfast.

Vertigo, with white stars before the eyes.

Pressing headache in the forehead, over the eyes, with congestion of blood to the eyes and nose, with a chill when walking in the open air ; better after lying or eating.

Pulsations in the head (vertex) with congestions to the eyes and nose.

[10] Stitches in the brain, with nausea.

The headache is worse in the evening and when walking in the open air ; better after lying down and after eating.


Stitches in the eyes.

Sensation of coldness in the eyes and eyelids.

Swelling of the eyelids.

[15] Inclination to stare.


Spasmodic contraction of the eyelids at night, with violent pain on opening the eyes.

Dim-sightedness, as from a mist, compelling him to rub the eyes.

The eyes water during the day, agglutination at night.


[20] Stitches in the (left) ear (evening).

One ear hot and red (in the evening).


Soreness and scabs in the nose, with discharge of thick low mucus.

Swelling and redness.

Frequent attacks of coryza.

[25] Ozaena.


Tension on the face, as if the white of an egg had dried on the skin.

Bulbous swellings and blood-boils on the face and nose.


Sensation of soreness in the mouth when eating.


Sensation of constriction in the oesophagus when swallowing.

[30] Sensation, as if the oesophagus were contracted when swallowing a small morsel of food ; -it is felt until it enters into the stomach.

Great dryness of the throat.

The pains in the throat are worse in the evening and at night, and are relieved by warm food and drinks.


Sour eructations.

Nausea, with faintness.

[35] Constriction of the Stomach, extending to the oesophagus.


Painter's colic.

Stool and Anus.

Difficult evacuations from want of peristaltic motion of the intestines ; even the soft stool can only be passed by great pressing.

Constipation of pregnant women, children and painters.

Diarrhoea with tenesmus.

[40] Discharges of dark blood when walking, or in typhus fever, or with a hard stool.

Humidity of haemorrhoidal tumors.

Itching at the anus.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent ineffectual desire to urinate : the urine can only be passed during a stool.

Increased secretion and frequent discharge of pale, water-colored urine.

Sexual Organs.

[45] Women. Menstruation too early, too short and too scanty ; blood pale.

Before and during menstruation, pain in the abdomen.

Fluor albus acrid, excoriating, transparent mucus before and after menstruation.

Larynx and trachea.

Dry, short cough, especially in the morning, with dyspnoea.

Cough, with expectoration, in the morning.

[50] Hoarseness, especially in the afternoon and evening.


Pressing pain in the chest, at night.

Constriction in the chest, when stooping.


Pain in the back, as if a hot iron were thrust through the lower vertebrae.

Stitches in the back.

Upper Extremities.

[55] Paralytic lameness of the arms.

Pain in the arm, down to the fingers, as if a hot iron were thrust through it.

Rhagades on the hands.

Lower Extremities.

The legs feel numb, as if asleep, especially at night.


Great debility and weakness, especially when talking (a short walk fatigues him much).

[60] Spasms, with attacks of laughing and weeping.

Involuntary motions (jerks of the head and other parts).

Unpleasant want of animal heat.

Illusive sensations ; some parts of the body feel as if they had become larger.

While sitting, frequent stretching of the limbs (as from drowsiness).

[65] Sensation constriction in internal organs (oesophagus, stomach, rectum, bladder).

Great heaviness in the legs and arms.


Pulse full and accelerated.

Chill, generally in the evening, in bed, or near the warm stove ; often with heat of the face.

During the day, chill ; during the night, fever.

[70] Heat in the evening, which spreads from the face ; at times only over the right side of the body.

Perspiration at night, or more towards morning, in bed ; mostly in the face, or on one side of the face.

Inability to perspire.


Tetters itching in the evening.

Humid scabs.

[75] Rhagades.

Brittle nails.

Chapped skin and bulbous eruptions.


Aggravation, on alternate days.

The skin symptoms at each full and new moon ; periodically ; in the afternoon ; while sitting in a room ; while urinating ; from eating potatoes.

[80] Amelioration, daring moderate exercise ; in the open air ; on alternate days.