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Mind and Disposition.

Anxiety and ebullition.

Restlessness, fear, fear of man.

Bad humor, especially in cloudy weather.

He is dissatisfied and angry about himself ; more so when he is constipated or when he augers from pain ; better in the open air.

[5] Aversion to labor.

Children chat and laugh.


Giddiness and starts.

Giddiness, with anxiety when moving ; he feels as if he were sitting too high (after dinner).

Dulness in the forehead, with chilliness.

[10] Pressure in the forehead and vertex, as from a weight.

Pressing pain above the eyes.

Congestions to the head, compelling one to sit up.

Stitches above the eyebrows.

Pressing out of the temples, with flickering before the eyes and heat in the face.

[15] Stitches in the temples at every step.

Headache after pain in the abdomen ; after (an insufficient) stool ; worse from heat, better from cold.

Sensitiveness of the scalp (in small spots).

With the pain in the forehead the eyes become smell.


Congestion to the eyes ; pressure in the orbits.

[20] Lachrymation.



Stitches in the ears ; first in the left ear, afterwards in the right ear.

Internal and external heat of the ears.

Cracking in the ears when reading aloud.


[25] Redness of the nose in the open, cold air.

Coldness of the point of the nose.

Bleeding of the nose in bed after awaking.

Dryness of the nose in the morning, in bed.


Heat of the face when excited, or during headache.

[30] Face pale during cloudy weather.


Lips dry, peeling of, cracked, bleeding.

Yellow ulcers on the tongue.

Tongue painful.

When moving the tongue, stitches from below to the tip.

[35] Dry tongue and mouth, with increased thirst and greater redness of the lips.

Tongue red and dry.


Great sensitiveness of a decayed molar tooth (lower) right side.


Throat rough, scraped, hot, as if burnt.

Pain, when yawning, masticating solid food ; worse in the evening, and in the morning, when awaking.

[40] Thick lumps of tough mucus in the throat.

Appetite and Taste.

Taste bitter, sour, like ink.

Aversion to meat ; desire for juicy things (fruits).

Hunger unusually keen in the evening.

Thirst while eating, after eating, and during the night.

[45] After eating flatulency, pulsations in the rectum, and sexual irritation.


Pain in the stomach after drinking water.

Sour things disagree with him.

Vomiting of blood.

Eructations ; tasteless, bitter, sour.

[50] Pain in the pit of the stomach from a mis-step.


Tension in the region of the liver.

Pain in the liver, when standing ; stitches in the liver, when drawing a long breath.

Congestion to the abdomen, (portal system).

Sensation of fulness, heaviness, heat and inflammation.

[55] The whole abdomen is painfully sensitive to the touch.

Bloated abdomen, more on the left side, or along the colon, worse after eating.

Pulsation in the region of the navel.

Pain around the navel, worse from pressure.

Rumbling in the abdomen.

[60] Discharge of much flatulency, burning, smelling offensive, relieving the pain in the abdomen, after each meal, in the evening and morning, before stools.

Cutting in the abdomen, with disinclination to go into the open air, which relieves the pain.

The abdominal walls are painful when rising, pressing to stool, when touched, and when standing erect.

Heaviness, fulness, and pressing downwards in the pelvis.

Stool and Anus.

Sudden or continued desire to go to stool.

[65] Continuous desire to go to stool.

Desire for a stool after each meal.

Rumbling and cramp in the abdomen, before and during stool.

The hard stool falls opt without being noticed.

Involuntary soft stool, while passing wind.

[70] With the diarrhoea flatulency, pinching in the abdomen, pain in the back and rectum, and chilliness.

Stools like mush-thin, bright yellow, gray, hot, undigested.

During the stool, congestion to the head and red face, or hunger.

Heaviness, heat, pressing, burning in the rectum.

Mucus and blood in the faeces.

[75] Itching, burning, pulsations, pain as from fissures, at the anus.

Haemorrhoidal tumors protrude like bunches of grapes, very painful, sore, tender, hot, relieved by cold water.


Increased secretion of urine, especially at night.

Sexual Organs.

Men. Increased sexual desire.

Worse after awaking, after eating, in the evening.

Erections in the morning, and after passing water.

[80] Involuntary emissions during the siesta, towards morning, followed by sexual excitement, micturition and stool, and restless sleep.

Penis shrunk, and testicles cold.

Women. Fulness and heaviness in the region of the uterus.

Labor-like pains drawing into the legs.

Catamenia too early, and too profuse.

[85] During menstruation, headache, which is relieved by the application of cold water ; ear-ache, pain in the small of the back, pressing down in the rectum.

Fullness in the pelvis.

Fluor albus.


Congestion to the chest.

Breathing impeded by stitches in the left side of the chest.

[90] Expectoration of blood.


Pain in the small of the back, worse when sitting, or when awaking at night, better when moving about.


Cold hands, with warm feet.


Great weakness, and weak pulse after vomiting.

Lameness in all the limbs.

[95] Pricking, dull twitching, drawing pain in the joints, (fingers, knees, elbows).

Sensation of weakness in the joints of the hands and feet.

Pains of short duration, as if bruised or dislocated, (left forearm, right shoulder-blade, left ribs).

Bad effects from sedentary habits.

Especially suitable for persons of a lymphatic or hypochondriac temperament.


[100] Aggravation. When standing erect, or from sitting still, (small of the back). Drinking vinegar, (colic).

From motion, (nausea, pain in the abdomen).

In the afternoon, especially the symptoms of the mucous membranes.

Amelioration, from cold water, (head).

When walking.