Agnus castus (Vite).

Mind and Disposition.

Low-spirited, he fears approaching death.

Melancholic and hypochondriac mood.



Pain in the temple, as from a blow.

[5] Heaviness in the head, and pressure, as if the head would fall forward.

Pain in the vertex, as from staying in a room filled with a thick and smoky atmosphere.

Tension and chilliness in the scalp, which is warm to the touch.


Corrosive itching over and on the eyebrows, on the eyelids and under the eyes.

Dilated pupils.


[10] Roaring in the ears.

Hardness of hearing.


Odor before the nose, like herrings or musk.

Hard, aching pressing on the dorsum of the nose, relieved by pressure.


Corrosive itching of the cheeks, under the eyes, and on the chin.

[15] Formication in the cheeks.


Ulcers in the mouth, and on the gums.

The teeth are painful, when touched by warm food or drink.

Appetite and Taste.

Thirstlessness and aversion to drink.

Metallic, coppery taste.


[20] Nausea first in the pit of the stomach, later in the stomach, with the sensation as if all the intestines were pressing downwards.


Swelling and induration of the spleen.


Rumbling of flatulence during sleep.

Stool and Anus.

Difficulty of passing soft stools.

[25] When pressing at stool, discharge of prostatic fluid.

Sensation as of subcutaneous, ulceration near the anus, only when walking.

Corrosive itching of the perineum.

Rhagades at the anus.


Frequent micturition.

Sexual Organs.

[30] Men. Diminution of sexual powers, the penis in small and flaccid, the testicles are cold.

Yellow discharges from the urethra.

Gonorrhoea, with suppressed sexual desire.

Drawing along the spermatic cords.

Itching of the genital organs.

[35] Women. Suppression of the menses, with drawing pain in the abdomen.

Sterility, with suppressed menses, and want of sexual desire.

Deficient secretion of milk in lying-in women.


Hard pressure in the region of the sternum, especially daring a deep inspiration.

Cough in the evening in bed, before going to sleep.

Upper Extremities.

[40] Hard pressure in the (right) axilla and upper arm, increased by motion and contact.

Swelling of the finger joints, with arthritic, tearing pains.

Lower Extremities.

Lancinating pain in the right hip-joint.

Stitches in the legs, (left big toe).

The feet easily turn, when walking on a stone pavement.


[45] Great debility.

Inflammatory, rheumatic swelling of the joints.

Gouty nodosities.


Pulse. Small, Slow, imperceptible.

Chilliness, internal with trembling, the external skin is warm.

[50] Much chilliness, with cold hands.

Heat. Flushes of burning heat, principally in the face, with cold knees in the evening in bed.

Perspiration. Almost only on the hands, when walking in the open air.


Corrosive itching on different parts of the body, relieved by scratching, but it soon returns.

Itching around the ulcers, in the evening.