Agaricus muscarius.

Mind and Disposition.

Indisposed to talk.

Indisposed to perform any kind of labor, especially mental.

Exuberant fancy.


[5] Prophecy.

He makes verses.


Vertigo, giddiness, as from intoxication, especially in the morning, in the open air, and caused by the bright rays of the sun.

Sensation of heaviness, in the morning, as after intoxication.

Drawing head-ache in the morning, extending into the root of the nose.

[10] Pressing in the (right) side of the head, as if a nail had been thrust in ; worse when sitting quietly ; relieved by slowly moving about.

Great sensitiveness of the scalp, as from subcutaneous ulceration.

Itching of the hairy scalp, especially early in the morning, after rising.


Burning in the corners of the eyes.

Twitching of the eyelids and eyeballs.

[15] A viscid yellow humor glues the eyelids together.

Narrowing of the intervals between the eyelids.

Muscae volitantes.


Black mote before the left eye.

[20] He sees things double.


Itching, burning and redness of the can, as if they had been frozen.


Bleeding of the nose in the morning, after blowing it.


Tearing in the face and jaw bones.

Twitching in the right) cheek.

[25] Pulsation in the cheeks.

Itching in the face, with redness and burning, as if frozen.


Tearing in the lower molar teeth, worse from cold air.

Gums painful and bleeding.


Smell from the mouth offensive, as from horse-radish.

[30] Soreness of the tongue.

Tongue coated white.

Stool and Anus.

Stools pappy, with violent cutting in the abdomen, and discharge of much flatulency.

Itching in the anus, as from worms.


Short breath and dyspnoea, making it very difficult to walk.


[35] Sensation of soreness and great weakness in the back.

Upper Extremities.

Trembling of the hands.

Lower Extremities.

Heaviness of the legs.


Great debility, with trembling of the limbs.


[40] Twitchings in the eyeballs, eyelids, cheeks, posteriorly in the chest, in the abdomen.

Epilepsy (with great exertions of strength).

Great sensitiveness of the body to pressure and cold air.

Tearing pains, face, legs, continuous while at rest, disappearing while moving about.

Soreness and sensation of rawness, (nose, mouth).

[45] Itching, burning, and redness, (as if frost-bitten), ears, node, cheeks, fingers, toes.


Sleepiness in the day-time, especially after eating.


Pulse. Accelerated in the morning, slower during the day, uneven, and sometimes intermitting.

Chilliness. Great chilliness in the open air.

Chilliness, with natural heat of the skin.

[50] Perspiration, from the least exertion.


Burning, itching, and redness, as if frost-bitten.

Miliary eruptions, close and white, with burning and itching.


Symptoms often appear diagonally, (right arm, left leg).