Has a pronounced action on the inferior maxillary branch of the fifth pair of the cranial nerves; on the ear; and respiratory tract and bladder. Catarrhs, and colds, with periodical prosopalgia. Quiets nervous, and bronchial, and urinary irritation, and cough.

Face.--Neuralgia affecting zygoma, temporo maxillary joint, and ear (Menyanth), particularly of left side, with lachrymation, coryza, and sensation as if parts were crushed with tongs. Talking, sneezing, and change of temperature aggravate the pains; also, pressing teeth together. Pains seem to come in flashes, excited by least movement, occurring periodically at same hour in morning and afternoon each day.

Ears.--Otalgia, with a sense of obstruction. Deafness. Dry, scaly condition of meatus (use locally).

Abdomen.--Pain extends deep down, causing contraction of sphincter ani.

Rectum.--Many movements a day, with twisting about navel. Haemorrhoids, with obstructed, hardened stool. Inflamed and painful piles.

Respiratory.--Hoarse; voice deep, harsh; sounds like a trumpet; "basso profundo". Cough; worse at night. Asthma. Soreness in pharynx, cough during sleep.

Urinary.--Constant dribbling. Enuresis. Burning urination. Increase with pressure in bladder.

Extremities.--Cramp-like pain in soles, right foot, and knee. Lower extremities feel heavy. Thumb feels numb. Neuralgic pain in left ankle. Stiffness and soreness of joints of lower extremities.

Modalities.--Worse, change of temperature, talking, sneezing, biting hard (inferior dental nerve); from 9 am to 4 pm.

Relationship.--Compare: Rhus arom; Caust; Platin; Sphingurus (pain in zygoma).

Dose.--Mullein oil, (locally, for earache and dry, scaly condition of meatus. Also for teasing cough at night or lying down. Internally, tincture and lower potencies). Enuresis, five-drop doses night and morning.