yucca filamentosa

Materia Medica

So-called bilious symptoms, with headache. Despondent and irritable.

Head: Aches as if top of head would fly off. Arteries of forehead throb. Nose red.

Face: Yellow; tongue yellow, coated, taking imprint of teeth (Merc; Pod; Rhus).

Mouth: Taste as of rotten eggs (Arnica).

Throat: Sensation as if something hung down from posterior nares; cannot get it up or down.

Abdomen: Deep pain in right side over liver, going through back. Stool yellowish brown, with bile.

Male: Burning and swelling of the prepuce, with redness of meatus. Gonorrhoea (Cann; Tussil).

Skin: Erythematous redness.