wyethia helenoides

Materia Medica

Has marked effects on the throat, and has proven an excellent remedy in pharyngitis, especially the follicular form. Irritable throats of singers and public speakers. Useful also in haemorrhoids. Hay-fever symptoms; itching in posterior nares.

Head: Nervous, uneasy, depressed. Dizzy. Rush of blood to head. Sharp pain in forehead.

Mouth: Feels as if scalded; sensation of heat down oesophagus. Itching of the palate.

Throat: Constant clearing and hemming. Dry, posterior nares; no relief from clearing. Throat feels swollen; epiglottis dry and burning. Difficult swallowing. Constant desire to swallow saliva. Uvula feels elongated.

Stomach: Sense of weight. Belching of wind alternating with hiccough. Nausea and vomiting.

Abdomen: Pain below ribs of right side.

Stool: Loose, dark, at night. Itching of anus. Constipation, with haemorrhoids; not bleeding.

Respiratory: Dry, hacking cough, caused by tickling of the epiglottis. Burning sensation in the bronchial tubes. Tendency to get hoarse talking or singing; throat hot, dry. Dry asthma.

Female: Pain in left ovary, shooting down to knee. Pain in uterus; could outline its contour.

Extremities: Pain in back; extends to end of spine. Pain right arm, stiffness of wrist and hand. Aching pains all over.

Fever: Chill at 11 am. Thirst for ice-water during chill. No thirst with heat. Profuse sweat all night. Terrific headache during sweat.


Arum; Sang; Lach