viola tricolor

Materia Medica

The principal uses of this remedy are for eczema in childhood and nocturnal emission accompanied by very vivid dreams.

Head: Heavy, pressing-outward pain. Eczema of scalp, with swollen glands. Face hot and sweating after eating.

Throat: Much phlegm, causing hawking; worse in the air. Swallowing difficult.

Urinary: Copious; disagreeable, cat-like odor.

Male: Swelling of prepuce, burning in glans. Itching. Involuntary, seminal emissions at stool.

Skin: Impetigo. Intolerable itching. Eruptions, particularly over face and head, with burning, itching; worse at night. Thick scabs, which crack and exude a tenacious yellow pus. Eczema impetigonoides of the face. Sycosis.

Modalities: Worse, winter; 11 am. Compare: Lycop.


Rhus; Calc; Sepia