vinca minor

Materia Medica

A remedy for skin affections, eczema, and especially plica polonica; also for haemorrhages and diphtheria.

Head: Tearing pain in vertex, ringing and whistling in ears. Whirling vertigo, with flickering before eyes. Spots on scalp, oozing moisture, matting hair together. Corrosive itching of scalp. Bald spots. Plica polonica. Irresistible desire to scratch.

Nose: Tip gets red easily. Moist eruption on septum. Stoppage of one nostril. Sores in nose. Seborrhoea upper lip and base of nose.

Throat: Difficult swallowing. Ulcers. Frequent hawking. Diphtheria.

Female: Excessive menstruation with great weakness. Passive uterine haemorrhages (Ust; Trill; Secale). Menorrhagia; continuous flow, particularly at climacteric (Lach). Haemorrhages from fibroids.

Skin: Corrosive itching. Great sensitiveness of skin, with redness and soreness from slight rubbing. Eczema of head and face; pustules, itching, burning, and offensive odor. Hair matted together.


Oleand; Staph